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5 Brilliant Creative Campaigns That Used Instagram

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Instagram has amassed over 100 million users since it first launched and although there are no advertising options on the platform yet, what we are seeing are a bunch of brands getting involved with their own creative campaigns. The level of creativity here is amazing considering the fact that there are so few features to play with, but the real world examples show that with enough creative thinking, you can engage with a large number of consumers.

The other advantage to being on Instagram is that it isn't as crowded and as hard to get attention as the likes of Twitter or Facebook. Here are the five most creative campaigns we rounded up.

Ford Car Launch

This might not be a groundbreaking campaign, but it's nice to see a brand like Ford really embracing Instagram. To promote the new Fiesta, it ran a weekly photo challenge on Instagram where users had to upload photos with hashtags that reflected certain aspects of the car. The activity was then brought back onto its Facebook Page, where the content was hosted within a hub:

Restaurant Introduces The World's First Instagram Menu

Have you ever been in a restaurant where you didn't know what to order? Well, one innovative dining establishment has come up with an innovative solution that allows users to tag their photos. It created the world's first Instagram menu, leaving stunning images for future diners to browse through. Very smart indeed and we predict we'll be seeing this in many other restaurants pretty soon.

Made by Your Instagrams // Lollapalooza

This is an awesome wall of Instagram photos that make up an image of young people in a huge mosaic, which you can see in a time lapse video below. The campaign was managed by Ray Ban and photos could be added by hashtagging them. A simple online to real world campaign.

Sony - The World's First Instagram Music Video

Making music videos can be an expensive business so Sony decided to record the new video for the Vaccines by crowdsourcing images from Instagram. The result is seriously impressive.

Shoe Brand Launches Brilliant Real World Instagram Campaign

With over 100 million users, brands were always going to start embracing Instagram and we're seeing campaigns come along in all shapes and sizes. We love this one because it combines the real world with the online world and gives ladies free shoes. A winner in every sense of the word.

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