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25 Unmissable Social Media Articles To Read This Weekend - 27th Oct

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Every week, we have a look at some of the biggest social media stories that are out there, sift through the thousands of articles on offer and bring you 25 stories that are worth your attention.

These are never breaking news stories, but rather some of the deepest thinkers and smartest minds from the world of technology and social media, offering their thoughts and views regarding the biggest stories of the week.

You won't make it through them all in one sitting, but it'll bring you up to speed with this week's happenings. So just sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy.

- Why the new iPad mini reveals that Tim Cook's Apple is a better company than the one Steve Jobs left behind. (Slate)

- The biggest sites in social publishing. (BuzzFeed)

- Facebook's Q3 call: MizUnderstood on mobile? (All Things D)

- What goes wrong when you're a startup (Founders At Work)

- A Silicon Valley Insider actually has a plan to get more women in tech (Business Insider)

- Forget the E-wallet - It's Apple's Passbook that will transform retail

(AdAge Digital)

- Facebook's final Instagram purchase price: $715 million in cash and stock (The Next Web)

- Now playing: Video ads arrive on LinkedIn. (Marketing Land)

- Microsoft's Windows 8 Test: Courting Consumers (The Wall Street Journal)

- The Future of e-commerce: Bridging the online/offline gap (Forbes)

- Eventbrite isn't just selling tickets, it's building a new kind of social platform (Fast Company)

- The New York Times: Running faster and faster to stay in the same place (GigaOM)

- The truth about why your marketing fails (and how to produce a "Wow" instead) (Social Media Today)

- Google is many things - but not an illegal monopoly (C|Net)

- Why the ad industry is in a talent rut and a prescription for change (Fast Co.Create)

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- Hi, I'm a PC: How Microsoft is setting itself apart with Windows 8.

- iPad mini won't upset low-end market say analysts. (Reuters)

- Why Nintendo is losing money on each Wii U launch unit. (Ars Technica)

- The hidden costs of Apple's mobile transition (GigaOM)

- Bowker: Number of self-published books up 287% since 2006(paidContent)

- The future is not enough: Google and the future of augmented reality (The Atlantic)

- YouTubing politics: Online video ads step up in 2012 election (Pando Daily)

- How Google still makes billions from tiny text ads (Wired)

- More than 2,000 Twitter partners adding interactivity to tweets (C|Net)

- How smart is that phone? Apps unveil the tricks (The New York Times)

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