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100+ Useful Social Media Browser Plugins For Chrome & Firefox

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 Browsers are becoming more powerful and diverse in their capabilities, each improvement providing greater functionality. On top of that, there are numerous developers who have created plug-ins that take advantage of this.

A lot of them relate to social media were you will find plugins that either add a like button for convenience or let you completely customise your social media experience. Because there are plugins as diverse as the sites they're made for, here are more than 100 different plugins for all the major social media players.



Facebook Notifications - Keeps you up to date with your updates, even when you're not on the site.

Facebook Like Button - Lets you like, recommend or share any content you see online.

Facebook for Chrome - Lets you access your Facebook feed directly from the Chrome toolbar.

Facebook News Ticker Remover - Removes the News Ticker from the right hand side of the screen.

Facebook Share Button - Share any content you see online on Facebook.

Social Fixer - Reconfigures the site to allow greater functionality.

Photo Zoom - An alternate way of viewing photos on Facebook, blows them up to the centre of the screen.

Time Spent on Facebook - Tracks how long you spend on the social networking site.


Facebook Toolbar - Integrates the site into your toolbar by allowing search, notifications, and the sharing of content.

FaceTweak -  Configures your Facebook layout with over 100 different add-ons.

Adblock Plus - Blocks adverts, tracking and banners while you surf Facebook.

Facebook Dislike - Add a dislike feature onto Facebook.



Silver Bird - A Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.

Twitter Notifier - Alerts you to any new tweets while you're on Chrome.

Photo Zoom - Provide users with large scale preview images when you're on

Tweet Button - Shows the tweet count and adds a tweet button to any page.

Buffer - Lets you schedule and share content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web.

TweetDeck - The popular Twitter dashboard has its own Chrome extension.

Hootsuite - Another popular dashboard which lets you track activity and analyze results across multiple networks.

SocialBro - The social media analytics dashboard has its own Chrome extension, providing reports and tracking data.


Echofon for Twitter - Provided the Twitter client on your browser and syncs with your iPhone.

HootBar - Lets you post messages to Twitter from the Firefox address bar.

shortxt - Post longer tweets on Twitter.

Twitbin - Keep track of all your Twitter conversations from your browser sidebar. - Share music links on Twitter and other services



Move Your Photos - Helps transfer your Facebook albums/photos to Google's Picasa for sharing on Google+.

G+Me For Google Plus - Collapses the Google+ stream while keeping live updates.

Google Translate for Google+ - Translate your Google+ stream by integrating Google Translate into the feed.

Reader Plus - Enhance Google Reader by adding Google+ sharing and custom themes.


Google+ Manager - Manage your Google+ account from your Google bar, provides keyboard shortcuts and quick links to your profile.

Plus One Button - Adds a Google +1  button to your URL bar so you can +1 any page.

G++ - Integrates Twitter and Facebook into your Google+ feed.

Google+Facebook - Integrates your Facebook account into your Twitter feed.

Google+Tweet - Integrates Twitter into your Google+ feed.



Gmail Offline - Supports offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, search and archived.

Google Mail Checker - Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox.

Gmelius - Cleans up Gmail by removing ads from the page.


Gmail Manager - Manage multiple accounts straight from your browser. Notifies you when you receive new messages.

Webmail Notifier -  Notifier for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and other email accounts.

Better Gmail 2 - adds extra features to Gmail such as icons for unread messages and file attachments, and hierarchical labels.



YouTube Feed -  Notifies the user of new videos in the YouTube homepage feed.

Magic Actions for YouTube - Provides auto-HD feature, volume control via mouse wheel, cinema mode and hides annotations.

YouTube Options for Google Chrome - Lets you disable certain features like ads annotations and auto-play.

YouTube Ratings Preview - Shows the likes and dislikes bar over every video thumbnail so that you know its ratings before you watch it.

Auto HD for YouTube - Turns all videos into HD format when watching.

Herp Derp for YouTube - If you find yourself annoyed by childish YouTube comments, this will replace them with random herps and derps.

YouTube Video Preview - Hover your mouse over a YouTube video to see more images for that video.


Video DownloadHelper - Convert web videos, images and audio from many different sites.

Better YouTube Firefox Extension - Lets you watch YouTube videos more efficiently by integrating the most popular Greasemonkey scripts into one package.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader - Download any YouTube video in M4A, MP3, MP4, AAC, FLV and HD formats.



LinkedIn Messages - Allows you to save message templates and auto populate a message with a default template.

RecruitIn - A recruitment tool using LinkedIn public profiles.

Search On LinkedIn - Lets you search for companies on LinkedIn without being on the site.

Share to LinkedIn - Lets you share links and text directly.

LinkedIn 1st Degree's Connection Search - Lets you search connections of specific 1st degree LinkedIn contacts and filter search results and specific shared connections.


LinkedIn - Search your network when you're on any site.

LinkedIn Neobar - Lets you search for information about any company.



Pin It for Chrome - Lets you pin any image that appears on screen quickly and easily

Easypinner for Chrome -  give images a little Pinterest icon for easy pinning.

Pinterest Pro for Chrome  - provides  extra features when you use your browser, including right-click images to pin and zooming in on pins by hovering over them.

Pin Search for Chrome lets you use any picture from Chrome to do an image search on Google.

Pinzy for Chrome -  Allows you to enlarge pinned images by just hovering over them. -  Lets you pin screenshots of web pages that you're currently on.


Pinterest Right-Click - Allows you the option to pin sites and images by simply right-clicking them.

Thumbnail Zoom Plus - Shows full images when you hover over a thumbnail. Works for a majority of sites, not just Pinterest.



Save To Foursquare - Save any place you're reading about to your Foursquare to-do list.

SU Tools: Foursquare extension - Provides a number of features including Google Maps API integration and numerous editing options.

4sqmap - Lets you visualise all of your Foursquare data in both map and statistic format.

Proximity Checkin - Uses Google Latitute to check-in to your favourite places on Foursquare.


Foursquarefox - Lets you use Foursquare without the need for a smartphone.

Foursquare Checkin - Check-in to any location whether you're there or not.

Foursquare - Adds places to your to-do list or check-in from Firefox.


Instagram for Chrome

 - Lets you browse your feed directly from your browser.

Search Instagram - Search for Instagram images online.

Instagram Tools - Create PDF documents and slideshows from your Instagram photos.

Instagram on Facebook - Instagram's link show on the popup with your Facebook feed.

FindGram - Look for Instagram hashtags and users.

Hashtagram - Realtime slideshow for Instagram photos and discover photos in real-time.

NetStagram - Search and explore Instagram images.


Instagram for Firefox - View your latest feeds and images from your account in a quick popup.



Wordpress stats - Provides you with daily statistics of your blog in your Chrome browser.

Wordpress Checker - Checks Wordpress blogs for unmoderated and spam comments.

Wordpress Commentify - An extension that periodically checks for new comments, notifying you when one appears.


Wordpress Helper - Provides numerous tools and updates from your browser.

Wordpress Extension - View notifications, follow sites and start new blog posts from your toolbar.



Pandora to Spotify Playlist - Gives thumbs-up tracks from Pandora and places them in a Spotify playlist.

Spotify Search Plus - Search for songs, albums and artists without installing Spotify or having an account.

Spotify Search - Adds context menu item to search selected text in Spotify.

Spotipedia For Chrome - Use Spotify to listen to songs by a musician or band directly from their Wikipedia page.

Facebook Spotify Links - Rewrites Spotify links so you can play them without having to log-in to Facebook.


Spotify Search - Right-click selection and search in Spotify.



Alexia Traffic Rank - Shows you traffic rank and site information for any site online.

AddThis - Bookmark and share content over 300 different services.

Disconnect - Stops social media sites from tracking your web activity.

Tumblr Savior - Lets you hide certain topics from Tumblr so you only see the content you want.


Google Disconnect - Prevents Google from tracking your web activity.

Facebook Disconnect - Prevents Facebook from tracking your web activity.

AddThis - Bookmark and share content over 300 different services.

Tumblr Post - Lets you post photos, videos, MP3s, quotes and links to your Tumblr by dragging and dropping content into the extension's statusbar icon.

Missing e - ads customised features for Tumblr.

Alexa Sparky - Get Alexa data in your status bar.

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