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10 Innovative Ways To Get More Out Of Facebook For Your Business

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Facebook pages are a crucial part of the marketing mix for businesses these days, but with the platform and features changing consistently, it can be hard to get the best out of them. Because people are surprised at the options available to them, we decided to put together ten simple tips that can help you to manage your page more effectively.

Some are simple two minute changes that you can work into your schedule while others will take some learning and getting used to, but they will drastically change the way you use the platform. We have a decent focus on mobile given how much importance Facebook is putting on that channel. Get used to these ten tips and you won't be saying Facebook pages are as restrictive as you thought they once were.

Drive Revenue Through Facebook Offers

This is still a pretty new feature, but one that is starting to drive revenue for businesses who are using Facebook effectively. The idea is that you can post any type of offer that can be used either online or in the real world and the fact that the offers can spread virally - via the news feed - can provide significant reach.

If you have a large enough community, that can be enough to kickstart your offer, but you may also need to lean on Facebook's advertising platform to help get the word out. This is one of the first ways that Facebook business page owners have had of driving physical sales in the real world and early reports say it's very good. Further information can be found here.

Use Advanced Targeting For Updates

Until recently, you could only send out status updates to people based on their location or language. Now Facebook has improved that targeting and give you nearly as many options when sending out a regular update as it does when you are using its advertising tool.

You might not want to target every update, but we have seen a huge improvement in engagement levels when you start targeting updates at specific demographics. This tool will be most useful for people with much larger fan bases that can be broken down into specific niche groups and prevent you from annoying everyone with one generic update.

Use Facebook Groups For Internal Communication

Facebook groups are one of the most underused items on Facebook and they offer a great way of improving information flow within a company. Given that most of your employees are already on Facebook, it is a great way to get your company talking to each other using the tools that they already know.

If the group is set up correctly, you can lock the group down so as only people within the company see updates and other content. Use groups for feedback, questions, social events and anything else company related. Internal communication is just as important these days as anything else so groups are a great way of improving that on an existing platform that people know. Further information can be found here.

Use The Facebook Pages App

The Facebook pages app is a wonderful addition that allows you to manage multiple pages through the one app instead of using the main Facebook app, which is designed for personal use. The app will allow you to publish updates, share photos and engage with your community while on the go.

You can also delve into your analytics and see what your fan base growth and engagement levels are like while on the move. You'll probably still want to do most of your updates, scheduling and engagement on the main site on a computer as it is quicker, but you have a very real alternative on mobile devices now. Further information can be found here.

Reposition Photos After Posting

You'll often post a photo update to your business page only to realize afterwards when you see it in the newsfeed that you have it totally wrong. The good news is that you can edit the photo again and reposition it after you have posted without disrupting the original update.

Block Competitors Names With Moderation Blacklist

Large brands and businesses probably don't want people talking about their competitors or other specific terms on its Facebook business page and the good news is that you can set up a moderation blacklist to block certain words. All you have to do is head into the backend of the page and you can type all the words that you don't want to see appearing. This could be competitors, rude words, specific products or anything else that you don't want appearing on your page.

Turn Off The Ability For People To Message The Page

While it is great to give people the opportunity to send private messages to your page, we find that with large pages the volume of private messages can get pretty high and some business pages simply don't have the resources to manage all the replies. Now private messages might be a great way for some large brands to manage customer service in a more discrete way, but some pages might just be happy to turn them off altogether and not deal with the extra volume of queries. You can head into Edit Page, then go to Manage Permissions and untick "Show Message."

Comment On Third Party Websites Using Your Business Page Identity

Facebook comments are starting to appear on many websites, and are used as a way of improving their current commenting system and avoiding spam. While the majority leave comments using their personal profiles, you do have the ability to leave comments as your business page as well. This is a great way of signposting your own page and getting people to click on your logo to find out more about you.

The key here is to leave high quality comments that rise to the top (The comments with the most likes go to the top of the pile) rather than just spamming lots of pages to create links. If somebody sees what you are writing, thinks you know what you are talking about and generally likes what you are saying, there is a very good chance they will then go on and like your page.

Install Facebook's Power Editor - Match Your Existing Database With Facebook Users

Power Editor is a relatively new tool that changes the way people use Facebook's advertising tools. Although it has been mainly used by larger tech advertisers, agencies and brands to date, it is something that anyone can get their hands on. You can now complete useful tasks like import your existing email marketing lists and telephone numbers and match them up to those fans who like your page.

You can also run much more advanced mobile ads and generally customise your ads in a way that you never could on the traditional Facebook advertising interface. Everybody we talk to is seeing huge success through this tool and the good news is that it's getting better all the time. Further information can be found here.

Export Your Insights For Deeper Stats Analysis

Let's be honest and say that Facebook insights just don't offer the way to slice and digest the data as effectively as we all would like. It feels like a work in progress and not the finished article like Google Analytics. Although it's clearly improving, you can actually go in and download all the data from your various pages and export it into Excel with a couple of simple clicks.

We find that when using the data in a program like Excel, you can manipulate the data and engage with it in a more meaningful way so you can start spotting trends on your page. It will take some more time to do this, but if you want better results across the board, download your data and start playing around with it.

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