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Terrifying Facebook Campaign - Crazy Man Stalks Your Profile

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We've seen a few of these personalized videos on Facebook but this one takes things to another level and scares the living daylights out of you. When you go to the site (the site is taking a serious battering and is down quite a lot but do come back to it as well worth seeing) and "take the lollipop" the app pulls in your personal information and shows a rather scary looking man checking out all your personal photos, profile details, friends and most scary of all actually showing where you live. At the moment there is no brand behind this campaign or any indication of why it is being done but Jason Zada did claim on Twitter that he is behind the creation. What this does once again is highlight just how much information we all share on Facebook and how stalking could be a real problem if we really stopped and thought about it for a second. It will be interesting to see if this goes any further or if it is just a showcase for this chap's work. Either way this is a brilliant piece of creative work that gets you thinking about what information you share online.

Video Example

The site is getting so much traffic (over 30,000 likes in a couple of hours alone) that the application keeps crashing but a user has made a video of the entire process but for the full effect you need to see it in action with your own details.

Facebook Stalker Video

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