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LEGO And Augmented Reality Combine To Create Unique App

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For many years, LEGO has symbolised fun and the joy of building stuff no matter what age you were. Because of its popularity, the Danish company has been responsible for creating a passionate online community obsessed with the tiny bricks, building almost everything and anything you could possibly think of.

Mostly these creations are from enthusiastic fans but LEGO have hit a creative streak by using the iPhone for their latest product. Their latest venture is the game 'Life of George' is the world's first interactive game which combines the building of real LEGO bricks with smartphone technology to create something different.

Following the title character, George as he travels around the world, players must use their skills and dexterity to build simple models they see on screen in the fastest time possible.

When they have the shape built using the correct coloured bricks, they must then snap a photo of their creation for the app to identify the shape and determine whether you successfully completed it or not. The score you get is determined by both your speed and accuracy.

However to be able to use the app, you must purchase the accompanying box and tools which includes 144 basic bricks and a square background which helps the iPhone recognise your creation. The game also allows you to play two player as well as allowing you to create your own models.

Life of George is inventive, creative and I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a hit with families and kids as there's always something satisfying about building with LEGO, whatever age you are. The app is available  for iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touch 4th Generation and can be downloaded here.

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