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Introducing The World's Biggest QR Code At 10,000 Square Feet

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QR codes can be massively useful when used correctly but they are quickly turning into the latest marketing stunt with crazier results. This is the perfect example of the technology being used pretty foolishly because, beyond this video, no one will be able to actually scan this QR code.

It took 20 people an entire day to bring this together and the QR code, which is painted on to a racetrack, takes up an incredible 10,000 square feet. I suppose that you could argue that the company behind this (they make QR codes on merchandise) will get the value from all the people who see the video. To be honest, I didn't click through to see who they were and even though the video might get a lot of views, I don't think it's a great promo for their brand.

People will continue to use QR codes in crazy ways but it's a shame because it's usually the simple examples that are the best, offering a practical link from the offline to the online world. Anyway, for what it is worth here is the biggest QR code in the world:

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