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Iconic Never Aired Commercial Narrated By Steve Jobs

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Lauren called me at 4 in the morning last night to tell me Steve Jobs had died. I knew it wasn't good at that time of the night but it's amazing how somebody you have never met before could keep you awake for the rest of the night with a sick feeling in your stomach. We both agreed not to write about him today because we are like everybody else and we didn't know the man. It's best to leave it to the thousands of other people whose lives he did touch directly to share their stories. Then this evening when flicking through old Youtube clips of the man himself I stumbled across this little beauty of a video that never caught my attention before but now is a must watch piece of footage. It's an old advert that was never released and is narrated by Steve Jobs himself. On the day that he passed away I don't think anybody could really say it better than he did and we will leave the last words to him...

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