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Concerned about Facebook privacy? Disconnect blocks sites from tracking your data

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With Facebook under pressure regarding privacy concerns, more and more users are becoming concerned about what information third-party sites have access to and how much of it they retain. If you're one of these users who likes using Facebook and Twitter but prefer to keep your cookies in check, then you may be interested to hear about Disconnect.

Disconnect was created by three former Google employees who wanted to continue using Facebook but had concerns about their privacy policy. Their extension prevents sites and search engines such as Google, Facebook and Twitter from tracking your online activity while you surf the web.

Installing it as an icon at the top right hand side of your browser, Disconnect notifies you whenever there is a site trying to track your activity and blocks it accordingly. If you wish to, you can unblock a particular site if it in any way impinges upon your web browsing.

By disabling third-party tracking and notifying which sites are tracking you on a particular page, it turns off any social media plugins on the page you're viewing while allowing the rest of the site to function as normal. So any Twitter streams  or Facebook Fan pages at the side of a page will be absent when you're surfing the web.

The startup is only a year old but has over 150,000 weekly users

and the chances of that number growing is very likely as users look for a way to make their browsing habits private. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari and there is also a Facebook specific version available to download for the same browsers.

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