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Coca Cola And Google Show Future Of Vending Machines

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Google wallet is still in it's very early stages but there is very little doubt that we are about to enter an era where our phones becomes our wallet. Most people think about the large purchases they make when using their wallets with this new NFC technology but companies like Coca Cola are as usual way ahead of the game on this technology shift and the following video shows the future of vending machines and what they will look like when powered by Google wallet and NFC technology. Thirsty? Want a Coke but don't have any coins? That's OK because all you have to do is whip out your phone and tap it against the machine.

Now these machines and the technology behind them will take a year or two to start rolling out and being embraced by the masses (Google wallet is only on a trial to 300,000 businesses in the USA at the moment) but the word on the street is that these machines will appear for the first time at the Olympics next summer as a high profile way of getting them noticed by the public. We can't wait for this. What do you think?

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