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Gap Logo Disaster - Could Social Media Save The Day?

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You may have read about this in the last couple of days

over in the USA but for those unaware of the story the famous American brand The Gap launched a new logo a couple of days ago moving away from the iconic logo they have had for 20 years. As you can see form it here on the left it is pretty shocking and people all over the world have been slamming it pretty much everywhere online. The thing that people seem to be stunned by is that the logo is so simplistic that a 3 year old could have designed it and design blogs as well as normal punters all over the world have been slamming it pretty much from the moment it went live on Monday. The main forum for the negative feedback has been blogs, Twitter and Facebook but there are early signs that The Gap are thinking on their feet and could save this situation by using socia media and involving consumers....

The Parody Twitter Accounts

You know you are in trouble as a brand when the parady Twitter accounts start popping up and that is what has happened with not 1 but 2 Twitter accounts already popping up and gaining traction. You could either follow @gaplogo or @oldgaplogo to get funny updates.

The Abuse On Blogs

It didn't take long for the blogs to pick up on this with some of hem really ripping in to The Gap. Adage said that it was something that a child could have designed using clip art and The Consumerist asked if it was another Tropicanna style redesign flop?. It's a topic that has crossed in to many different types of niches from design and news to fashion and agency blogs and it just shows how quick a simple decision within a company about a new logo can spread online. Consumers think that they own brands as much as the brand themselves and they can quickly made their voices heard online.

The Gap Change Of Heart

The Gap said the new logo would still appear in holiday advertisements, and although it would be appearing on the website none of their other branding would be featuring the new logo until the new year at earliest. It sounds like they loved the logo internally and were stunned when the backlash started. In all credit to The Gap they have stepped in to try and save the situation pretty quickly with the following update on Facebook...

Changing Negative To Positive

The Gap were clearly thinking on their feet with the above message being used as a stop gap solution to try to stop the onslaught. Next move was Marka Hansen their brand manager stepping up with a guest post

on one of the world's biggest blogs the Huffington Post to explain some of the logic behind the decision to introduce the new logo. She crucially put her hands in the air and said they may have messed up and were listening to their customers and were delighted that so many people were passionate about the brand and cared where it was headed. Believe me this is not an easy thing for a brand the size of The Gap to do and they should be applauded here. The message appeared on their Facebook page and suddenly the discussion was slightly more positive with everybody thinking they could have their say in where the brand was heading. By choosing the Huffington post as the place for The Gap to reply to their critics they wisely choose a platform that they knew many of the target audience would see and crucially share via Retweet and share via their social profiles. Smart.

Conclusion And Next Steps

The Gap had a very bad situation at the start of the week and they probably all had some sleepless night after the logo they thought was the future was derided all over the web. Rather than sitting back and ignoring the critisism through The Gap have stepped up to the plate and used social media to try and fix their problems. If they are really smart they will turn this negative in to a huge positive and involve all their customers in the process of finding the new logo. They will say that yes we were wrong and open the competition up to people all over the world. Imagine the good will and buzz The Gap would create by having an open logo competition. This example just goes to show that no matter how bad things are and how much abuse you are getting online there is always a fix and if you listen to what people are saying and engage with them there is always a way out of the online disaster. I think The Gap seem smart and fairly clued in and will probably end up coming out of this pretty well.

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