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Simply Zesty Winter Camp

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Simply Zesty Winter Camp

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As we're approaching winter we thought it was time to put together another Simply Zesty Camp - this time it's a winter camp. The last conference was a beginners' guide to social media with some great talks on how businesses could benefit from social media. This time, we're looking forward to the future of digital, with a stellar lineup of speakers : Pat Phelan, James Whatley, Paul Walsh, Facebook and Google.

The conference will cover the future of the social media landscape and how audience behaviours are changing ; the future of search and the future of Facebook ; brands of the future, looking at how businesses will change to utilise social network tools and how digital communication is affecting the physical structure of businesses ; the future of mobile, looking at the future of handsets and mobile devices and how the consumption of content will change.

The future of mobile - Pat Phelan

[caption id="attachment_4077" align="alignleft" width="128"]CEO Cubic Telecom Pat Phelan

CEO Cubic Telecom Pat Phelan[/caption]

Pat Phelan is the founder of Maxroam Global SimTwitterfone and CEO of Cubic Telecom. Pat is a well-known and influential name in telecoms and voice 2.0 . Pat is active in international markets, with over 10 years in experience from Europe and the U.S. Pat built the first callshop and internet software which is still used today and built Ireland's first independently owned phone cards in 1999. Pat sees himself as a 'telecoms disrupter' and has been blogging here on a variety of subjects including how brands should embrace the internet and where telecoms are headed over the coming years.

Find Pat on Twitter @patphelan

Future of social media - James Whatley.

[caption id="attachment_4082" align="alignleft" width="180"]James Whatley

James Whatley[/caption]

James Whatley is Director of Engagement Strategy for WOM agency, 1000heads. Having spent the summer of 2009 representing Lucozade as their Social Media Reporter throughout the Lucozade Energy Challenges, he currently spends his days advising the biggest brands on how to maximise the use of Word Of Mouth to engage with consumers in brand new ways. Previously Head of Digital & Social Media for UK-based, voice-to-text company SpinVox, James is also known for his mobile-orientated extra-curricular activities such as founding the now global meetup group, The Mobile Geeks of London, co-founding the online mobile review show, The Really Mobile Project, and maintaining an ongoing role as a key advisor to mobile web-based twitter service, Dabr.

Find James on Twitter @whatleydude

Brands of the future - Paul Walsh

[caption id="attachment_4084" align="alignleft" width="150"]Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh[/caption]

Paul Walsh is the 'Irish opportunist' and founder of Segala, Wub.ud and . Paul has over 12 years of experience in the digital industry and is widely regarded as an influential authority. He talks regularly on social media, startups and internet & mobile trends. Paul is a senior advisor for Angels Den as head of digital, where he is responsible for rolling out the brand across the digital industry. Paul has also advised Quick.TV and was a senior adviser for In 2003, Paul founded Segala, the industry’s most revered provider of and authority on content classification & Web standards compliance certification. It generated £1.6m in year one and was profitable within a month.

Find Paul on Twitter : @paulwalsh

The future of Facebook - Gail Power, Director, Online Sales Operations


Gail Power is Director, Online Sales Operations, based at Facebook's new EMEA headquarters in Dublin. Gail has had an extensive career at the intersection of technology, consulting and online advertising. She previously held the role of Online Sales & Operation Manager at Google and before that worked at Microsoft and Accenture respectively. Gail was educated at Aston University in The USA and is based at Facebook's new EMEA headquarters in Dublin

Future Of Search - Googler TBC

A top Googler will be telling us where the future of search is heading and what trends brands need to be watching out for.

We look forward to seeing you all at the event in what should be a great day for figuring out where the brands of the future are headed and how brands should position themselves. See you there :)

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