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The Best Messaging Apps That Will Help Reduce Your Phone Bill

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One of the areas that smartphones has disrupted is the messaging sector. Once at the whim of service providers, numerous apps that take advantage of 3G, 4G and WiFi connections have been released, allowing users to message their friends and family without any of the costs. There is a vast number of them out there that offer a variety of services, but which ones should you consider. Here are ten that we think you should keep in mind, some you will definitely have heard of, but the other apps on the list offer a fresh alternative.


For: iOS, Android

Cost: €0.89, (Android Free for first year)

One of the better known messaging apps, WhatsApp may not be free, but for the relatively small price tag, you get one of the best messaging experiences you could hope for. Multimedia messaging, group chats and all done through your own number, it's no surprise why so many iOS and Android users swear by it.

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For: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

Voxer is unique in that it describes itself as a walkie-talkie app. Alongside the usual image, location and text messaging, you can record quick voice messages that you can send off to your friends. The focus is on creating quick and succinct messages and is handy for those who Saying "over" at the end of each message is optional, however.


For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry

Cost: Free

Another app that's gets mentioned in the same breath as WhatsApp, Viber allows users to make free calls through their 3G or WiFi connection to anyone in any country, provided they have the app installed. On top of that, it has the usual text and image messaging services if calls aren't your thing.

Facebook Messenger

For: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

Considering that one billion are signed up to the service, it would be amiss not to include Facebook's messaging service. Basically it's Faecbook private messages service for smartphones, but since you're almost guaranteed that your friends are members of the service and it's free, it's worth looking at if you don't want to waste time trying to find contacts or have trouble convincing people to sign up to other messaging services.


For: iOS, Android, Blackberry

Cost: Free

The smart voicemail service, Hullomail lets you leave voicemail to your friends and contacts without having to pay for a service provider's services. This is handy if you don't have access to free voicemail and your messages tend to go on longer than you expect.


For: iOS, Android, Blackberry

Cost: Free

While it may seem strange that Samsung's messaging app is available for the iPhone, ChatON is certainly worth a look if you're looking for a more diverse experience. For one, the interface is bright and cheerful, it supports animated messages, drawings and a ranking system showing you just how often you chat with your friends through the app.


For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia

Cost: Free, $0.99 for Silver version, $4.99 for Gold version

Only available for U.S. and Canadian phones, Text+

can be described as a cross of Viber (offering free calls and texts) and Voxer (allowing you to leave short voice messages). The interface is clean and there are a number of versions available, the sliver version gives you a discount to purchase ad-free texting while the Gold version gets rid of ads entirely.


For: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

Best viewed as a social messenger app, imo allows you to connect up to a vast number of messaging apps like Facebook chat, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN And Google Talk. It also offers its own messaging system allowing you to send text, image and voice messages as well as make calls.


For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC

Cost: Free

Tango is both a smartphone and a desktop app allowing users to make video calls through 3G, 4G and WiFi. You can also send and save video messages as well as text and make calls.

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