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The Best Augmented Reality Campaigns Of 2012

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Augmented Reality (AR) has grown in popularity over the last twelve months. Thanks to more and more people owning smartphones and startups like Blipper launching more sophisticated campaigns as a result. There have been a number of campaigns, ideas and projects that have been realised thanks to this new technology. We look at ten of the best from this year.


To promote its electric Golf to people in Hong Kong, Volkswagen created this electric cafe which showed how little energy it used. Instead of just telling them about it, they let participants find out for themselves through AR games and infographics.


Basically making shopping more fun and accessible, Goertz in Germany created this Microsoft Kinect powered installation which let people try out shoes in real-time. The point was to allow people to see what the shoes would look like so if they liked it, they could purchase it directly.


To celebrate Valentine's Day, Starbucks created this AR campaign which turned themed cup into an animation. Users could also send a message to their loved ones as well as include a Starbucks card eGift so they could purchase something in-store.

Volvo 3D X-ray

For the Geneva Auto Show, Volvo created an X-ray app for its latest car, the Volvo V40. Allowing a 360 degree view, tablet and smartphone users could explore the interior of the car and learn more about the technology that you may not notice at first.


ASOS used AR to bring its magazine to life, using your smartphone would provide an interactive display where you could rotate the models and purchase specific pieces of clothing if you so wished.

BBC Frozen Planet

To reach a wider audience, locals in New Jersey, Illinois and California were treated to an AR installation which placed them in the heart of the polar regions. Here they could interact with some of the wildlife like penguins, polar bears and whales.


Mercedes' app allowed users to view a 3D model of its cars and customise it so they would know what it would look like should they consider purchasing one. It mightn't result in direct sales, but giving customers a way of seeing the car for themselves instead of having to flick through a magazine made it stand out at the time.

2012 U.S. Election

Another Blippar project, this time focusing on Obama's campaign for re-election. Simply 'blipp' a five dollar bill or any Obama logo to get an interactive experience with the Obama campaign.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson recently launched a campaign in Australia where smartphone users could turn any branded bottle into a game when scanned. This meant that other mediums like billboards, websites, Facebook and banner ads could be used to access the game.

Nokia & Angry Birds

It seems to be impossible to avoid a promotion featuring the limbless birds, but Nokia Australia created this campaign which allowed passersby to kick the birds into the screen. They could also take part in a virtual dance-off with singer and songwriter Timomatic and help a lost kangaroo find his way home.


For its 2013 catalogue, IKEA decided to add some AR features to it so customers could explore its goods in greater detail. The app provided films, interactive experiences, photo galleries and other features to make the guide as comprehensive as possible.


We've seen people try out clothes and shoes via AR, but what about make-up? Well, AR company Holition created this concept video which allows users to see how make-up would look without having to apply it physically.

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