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Ten Foursquare Campaigns That You Can Learn From

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Despite not having the same traction over here as it does in the U.S, Foursquare has carved out a strong global following having more than 25 million users globally and 2.5 billion check-ins at 40 million venues


While those are significant figures, most brands will want to focus on how you can use the service to improve business. Because action speaks louder than words, here are ten case studies that will show you how you can use Foursquare to your advantage.

London 2012

Foursquare isn't just about checking-in to places and trying to become the mayor of a particular location. It's more about discovering new places and providing recommendations. The London 2012 Olympics

was one such example as instead of challenging people to check into venues, it became an unofficial guide for the games, telling those attending what events were happening and where to go. With almost 80,000 people following the account, the service came in useful for those finding their way around the city.


You can count on the biggest brands to use all of the different social media channels for promotion and Coca-Cola certainly did this with one of its more recent campaigns. Encouraging more people to get active and to start heading to local, state and national parks in the U.S., the competition asked people to check-in to the park they were visiting where it would get 100 points. When the totals were added up, the park with the highest amount of points would receive a $100,000 donation from Coca-Cola and the parks would put on additional activities for Foursquare users to keep them active.


Another major brand getting in on the act, but this time doing something that will have a positive impact on people. (RED) is an organisation that fights against the spread of HIV and AIDS and so it teamed up with Starbucks to create the (RED)Rush to Zero campaign

. Every check-in made in the U.S. or Canada would result in Starbucks donating $1 to the cause, the total went up to $250,000 in just eight days.

The History Channel

Considering that its primarily focused on historical topics, The History Channel

teamed up with Foursquare to educate users about important historical places in the U.S. and the UK. This was done by providing contextual tips when they checked-in. What happened was that the page picked up over 20,000 new followers within one month and became one of the most popular pages on Foursquare, having 610,000 followers to this day.

The Power Of Foursquare

This Slideshare presentation was made back in November 2011 so the stats are a little out of date. However, it's the numerous case studies that are included inside it that are of interest. Each one related to a specific piece of advice so it's well worth your time to cycle through them.


When Foursquare was made available in Turkey during the summer, the largest mobile phone carrier in the country launched its own badge to coincide with the event. From the case study video provided, the Turkish population clearly downloaded and used the app when it first arrived.

Domino's Pizza

In the UK on March 2011, Donimo's Pizza decided to reward customer loyalty by offering a deal via check-ins. Starting off by offering the mayor of Domino's Pizza in Liverpool one free special pizza a week, the campaign spread to all 600 stores and generated 9,617 check-ins in total, reaching a total of more than 200,000 Foursquare users in Britain


Coke Machine Fairy

Another clever campaign from Coca-Cola back in 2010. The brand organised a campaign in Australia where a 'fairy' checks into a venue, announces it on Foursquare or Twitter and then the first person to reach the Coke vending machine and find the bottle wins a prize. The campaign worked because it combined the location-services and sense of discovery of Foursquare to create a unique campaign.

Pepsi Max

At South by SouthWest Interactive (SXSW) conference in 2011, Pepsi MAX was aware that the people who would attend would be regulars on Foursquare. So partnering with the app, attendees who followed rapper Big Boi and checked in throughout Austin (where SXSW is held) would unlock the Golden Ticket badge. The badge earned users a spot at a Big Boi concert during SXSW.

Over 2,400 people unlocked the badge and more than 2,000 people checked in at the concert itself, generating Pepsi Max a lot of publicity at the event.

Fast Company

Another partnership with Foursquare, this one with Fast Company was to coincide with its yearly 'Most Innovative Companies' issue. The publication created a BIG IDEA badge, which was unlocked when you checked into two of the places on its list. The campaign saw over 17,000 people unlock the badge and have over 60,000 followers at the time (now 90,000).

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