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Facebook Testing Sound Notifications - Possibly The Most Annoying Feature Ever

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Facebook notifications are one of the viral hooks that keep people coming back to the site multiple times every single day. Those little red symbols up at the top of the page and on your mobile are pretty hard to escape, but it looks as if Facebook is about to make it even harder for you to ignore the platform as it tests out sound notifications.

They sound exactly like the old instant messenger ping sounds or a Skype alert and although Facebook hasn't said if this will extend beyond a test, I'd say it is pretty likely that we'll all be getting these in the next couple of weeks. For Facebook, the longer it can keep you on the platform, the more money it makes so this makes sense. There are plenty of people who will love this, but it'll be important to make sure people can opt out because for many, this will be a step too far.

What Will They Sound Like?

As you can see from the video below, they sound just about as annoying as you would expect them to sound. You can, of course, control them in the settings, but we can safely say we'll be keeping these turned off ourselves.

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