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Facebook Rolling Out New "Notifications" For Business Pages

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A couple of weeks ago ,we wrote about a Facebook change that has been angering many business page owners

as the social network cut down the number of people seeing content from brands in its news feed. Facebook said it was all about improving the experience and making sure people didn't get bombarded with content, but the cynic in us said it was a crude way for it to make more money from the site as it forces brands to pay to have their posts seen.

However, today brings some better news as Facebook is testing out a new notification setting for pages you like. Rather than  letting Facebook decide what content you see, you can now opt-in to have notifications sent to you every time your favorite page posts an update. You might not do this for every single page, but for bands, artists, brands you love or local businesses who don't post that often, this might be something you want to opt-in to. What it means is rather than taking the chance of missing important updates from your favorite brand, you can make sure you never miss anything ever again.

From a brand perspective, there is a huge incentive to get people to opt-in to this because it means that every single post you share will be seen by that person the same way you get notifications when stuff happens on your profile. We have to say that this update is actually all about improving the experience on Facebook and we can see ourselves using it a lot. This is being tested at the moment and is expected to roll out to all users over the next couple of weeks. What do you think?

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