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Facebook Launch Another Feature Aimed At Helping Business Pages

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has been coming under a bit of pressure in the last couple of months for drastically cutting down how much content gets seen by users in their news feed. The basic problem is that users have a couple of hundred friends, have liked loads of pages and other content and their news feed is now getting bombarded with updates.

Facebook is also trying to make more money by charging brands to get access to that news feed through sponsored posts and paying to have your updates seen. All in all, it is a very crowded space, which is why Facebook has started testing some new features to help with these problems.

The latest feature is called Page Feed and it is essentially a tab on the left hand side of your profile that lets you see all updates from the pages that you have liked. You can see what it looks like by clicking here and it feels like this is something that Facebook is going to be making a lot more visible in the coming weeks. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the content that I was seeing in that tab as all the pages I like grouped into one simple feed was actually very interesting. I could really see myself using this.

The real draw here and where Facebook seem to be heading is getting your news feed back to being about your friends and family and the things that really matter to you. Putting my marketing hat on though, I can't help but feel that Facebook has massively moved the goal posts in the last couple of months. It encourages everybody to pay for as many likes as they possibly could, but now it's saying that most people who liked your page won't even see your content. This new update is a small step in the right direction, but that is all it is. A small step.

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