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The Power Of Foursquare - 7 Innovative Case Studies And Tips

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I've not always been a huge fan of Foursquare here on the blog mostly because it just doesn't have the critical mass this side of the Atlantic to make it useful for brands and businesses. Having said that, the location based service is getting serious traction in the US, and I just spotted this presentation that highlights some of the best features with some great case studies and tips to improve your presence there.

One of the stats that really stands out is that 40 per cent of teenagers are using location based services to check in, proving that there could just be a future for location based services with a whole new generation. In fairness to Foursquare, they have been iterating well on the platform in the last year.

Having moved it past the simple check-in that it was at the start, and having just passed a billion check-ins, they clearly have some traction. If I was a brand or business outside the US, I wouldn't be in a hurry to waste too much time on Foursquare, but it is interesting to see it mature and see some interesting stats and case studies like this.

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