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Stats Show Most People Think Social Networking Should Be Banned In The Workplace

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A new set of stats show that two out of every three people agree that social media should be banned in the workplace. The survey was carried out by a recruitment site and it gives a great insight into how people use social networks while at work. What the study really shows is that social networks are mostly blocked in the workplace with the vast majority of people having no access to them.

The mind set from employers seems to be that allowing any access will decrease productivity, which is something that I can't say I agree with. As a company, we allow full access to social networks while at work, and although that is quite obvious given the fact that we are a social media agency, personally I would always allow access no matter what industry I worked in.

Clamping down on it will only make your employees resent you more, and it's better to measure people on performance rather than how long they spend carrying out tasks. Clamping down on it doesn't mean much anymore anyway when you take into account the fact that most people can now access it through your smart phone.There are some interesting stats here though and I have to say I'm surprised at just how much clamping down happens out there from employers.

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