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QR Codes Given Their Most Creative Use Yet: Voicemail Gift Tags for Xmas

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We've covered quite a number of unique uses for QR codes recently, mixtapes and bringing paintings to life are ones that come to mind, but you have to take your hats off to American clothing store JCPenny for creating one of the most practical and clever uses for QR codes in a long while.

When you purchase a gift from any JCPenny store, you receive a 'Santa tag' which has a accompanying QR code. By scanning it, you can then record a personalised voice message for the person you're giving the gift to. Once you've that done, just stick the QR code onto the present and send it off.

It's a nice idea and it adds a lot of personalisation that you would never associated with the medium. It will be particularly interesting to see how many people use the service after the holidays are over, but for coming up with such an interesting use, it could convince people that you can use QR codes for more than linking to a site or video. The tags will be available to collect in stores on Nov 15th.

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