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Photojojo Produce Specialised Camera Lenses For iPhone

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If you're a budding photographer, have an iPhone 4 or 4S and perhaps more money than sense, then you're in luck as Photojojo have created a new iPhone accessory that caters for your photographic needs.

The iPhone Lens Dial is described by Photojojo as "a three-lens optical system for serious iPhone users”. Just slot your phone into the Lens Dial and you have three different lenses to choose from, wide angle, telephoto and fisheye allowing your smartphone photos to have a unique feel when you're snapping them. By rotating the lenses, you can switch between the three settings at your leisure.

The only problem is that the accessory will set you back $249 (€187) so if you take photography seriously, buying a decent spec camera may be a better investment. However, if you're not too serious about it but want choice in how you take your pictures, then you should start saving up for it. If you're interested, you can purchase it on Photojojo's site here.

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