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Follow WWII as it happened, tweet by tweet

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Alwyn Collinson has undertaken an impressive and unique project, that will bring to life one of the most significant events in history to life, completely through Twitter. He is recreating each day of WWII through Twitter, by updating the account several times each day with a significant event from the war, showing how it progressed. The account is being rigorously updated by Alwyn, which will hopefully continue throughout the 6 year project. The updates include news such as how many have been wounded, quotes from prominent politicians and other public figures, as well as detail into how people are preparing for war :

 It is a seriously impressive project and one of the most unusual uses of Twitter I've seen. The project is being run as a unique way to unite people today with people back then, by communicating the details of day to day life. Speaking on the project, Alwyn says "I'm hoping to use Twitter to help bring the past to life, helping people understand the past as people at the time saw it, without the benefit of hindsight..I want them to see that people then were just like they are.”

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