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Brilliant Nat Geo Campaign Creates Interactive Augmented Reality Space

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Augmented Reality (AR) as a promotional tool has grown in popularity to the point that it feels like a new AR campaign springs up every week. However, while some can be very impressive, such experiences are limited to those who own smartphones and are, at best, passive experiences. Yet the people at Appshaker have solved this problem by setting up a clever AR space so that anybody could join in.

As part of their campaign to promote the National Geographic in Hungary, they set up a screen which broadcast quality 3D images where those passing by could interact with the world covered by the National Geographic. Through an AR setup, it allows shoppers to see themselves interact with wild animals, dolphins, dinosaurs, astronauts and experience thunderstorms. By standing in a specific spot, users could pet and interact with anything that came up on screen.

It's a brilliantly put together campaign as it removes the barrier between consumers and AR campaigns, mainly the requirement of a smartphone. Another important factor was that it allowed people to interact with what they could see. This is in comparison to many other AR campaigns, which tend to be quite passive with regards to user interaction.

In the end, thousands of people had interacted with the campaign while it toured all of Hungary. It also led to more people sharing images and videos of the experience on Facebook, giving the campaign further publicity.

The campaign was created by Appshaker who have teams across Europe but are based in the UK

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