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10 Of The Best Marketing And Social Media Videos From November

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Over on Simply Viral we share the best social media videos on a daily basis as we sift through the billions of videos on Youtube to find one amazing piece of content. We have a mixture of videos that have been a massive hit on Youtube as well as some marketing case studies from some of the world's biggest brands. The videos cover everything from cats, Facebook timeline, Christmas ads, iPads and a classic piece of marketing from Coca Cola. Sit back and enjoy some of these brilliant pieces of marketing from the month of November this year...

Dominos Brings Pizza Making To The iPad

A brilliant new campaign has just launched from Dominos in the USA which allows users make a pizza and then order what they've made in the game. It's a super interactive promotion that is effectively turning ordering dinner into a fun game allowing you to compete against others. This is the perfect promotional tool for kids and adults alike.

Hilarious People Of Walmart Video

If you haven't seen The People Of Walmart video then you have been missing out but this video has just been released that sets music to some of the best photos from the site. It's essentially a series of real photos taken in American store Walmart showing people who really shouldn't ever have been let out of the house. Hilarious.

Facebook Hacked By Israeli Agency

An agency an Israel have come up with a brilliant hack for the brand new version of Facebook. The timeline, which has yet to launch for everybody, features a huge map which logs all the places that you have checked into. Their unique approach shows how they were able to create a version of their logo by checking in to a number of points that they had plotted on to a map. Smart marketing for themselves.

Beautiful Fedex Dominoes Advert

Fedex have just launched this iconic new advert that shows a series of their packages used as dominoes to deliver a package from Canada to Miami. It's a beautiful ad and although a lot of it is clearly computer generated, it still makes for compelling viewing as you take in all the detail and wait to see where the package finally gets delivered to. It is the little touches like the moon rising and falling that make this a must watch advert.

Catvertising Agency

If there's one thing that has grown in popularity since the web began, it's the abundance of cat related material. Videos, cartoons, memes, you name it! Now, one agency has decided that cat videos are the future of advertising and to capitalise on their popularity by focusing their efforts on cat related campaigns.

Dubai International Flash Mob

Everything that happens in Dubai is bigger than anything in the world, and you just know that when they did get around to doing a flash mob, it would be big and spectacular. The venue was Dubai International Airport as it came to a standstill, which bore witness to some serious dancing to a load of different popular songs.

Coca Cola Light Up Giant Malaysian Building In Spectacular Show

Coca Cola are known for their spectacular advertising stunts and this video shows them taking over an entire Malaysian building. The video starts with their iconic trucks rolling into town under a police escort, and the general public can be seen excitedly taking pictures of the stunning light display. This is similar to the light show that Coke-Cola put on last year at their home building to celebrate 125 years. Smart branding.

Christmas Ads Are Normally Predictable – This One Is Brilliant And Unexpected

Christmas advertising is the most predictable and dull of all the marketing you see during the year but this advert is absolutely brilliant and will surprise and wow you in every possible way. I don't want to give away the plot but after I shared it with a number of people from my personal account they said they had a small tear in their eye. A beautiful advert that will put a genuine huge smile on your face.

Coke Reward The Noisiest Fans At Football Game

A smart campaign from Coca-Cola in South America rewarded fans watching the Copa America the more they sang and cheered on their team. Using a sound system linked up to a large screen, the footage would start to dim the quieter the fans got, but as soon as they started cheering, it would pick up again. It does sound like it could be a tad annoying to watch an entire game in this fashion, but it would certainly ensure a good atmosphere throughout.

Superb Advert Lets You Race Against Marathon Runner

Do you think you could keep up with the last man in the world over a marathon distance? What about for 10 yards? Asics have created a new advert in a New York City subway to celebrate this year's marathon that actually lets you compete with US runner Ryan Hall and see how you get on. It's a brilliant piece of interactive advertising and the results are not surprising.

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