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Kik Instant Messaging Mobile App - A Huge Overnight Viral Success

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It's amazing when you get your hands on something in the early days that is so useful and good that you know it is going to be a massive success and that is exactly what Kik is. It's basically an instant messaging app that works very much in the same way the hugely popular BBM service works for Blackberry and this app can be downloaded on iPhone, Android or Blackberry itself. The amazing thing about the app is that it launched on the 21st October and already has over a million users and is spreading like wildfire. Even the counter of new users that is displayed on their homepage shows 100,000 new users since I installed the app last night. That's a growth rate of 200,000 users per day and that is all down to the incredibly viral nature of the app. You can invite friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS and it's the easiest process I have ever encountered.I can see this app being a huge story in tech circles over the next couple of weeks as it continues to gain massive growth out of nowhere. Crucially it is something that everybody in the world understands and will not be confined to tech circles.

The killer features are simple and include seeing when your message has been sent, when the other person has read it and notifications come in a number of ways that you can define. This is essentially free text messages and could be a game changer. Although this only applies to smart phones at the moment you can be sure that it will open up to all platforms as soon as they can scale it.

What blows my mind is the amount of hype that services like Foursquare get over the course of the year for picking up 4 million users yet here is a tiny start up making groundbreaking technology that is getting picked up by over 200,000 new people a day and it barely gets a mention. Watch this thing fly over the next week and try it out because you'll love it!

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