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50 Social Media Blogs Posts In 2010 Worth Bookmarking

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Last week we put together a list of 50 of the best social media blogs

out there in to a handy list for you all to bookmark. This week we want to take it a step further and share 50 of the best individual blog posts on social media that offer great insight and can act as a fantastic resource to you all. The landscape really changes so quickly in social media but the blog posts from earlier in the year that we have selected here are all as relevant then as they are now. We are sure that you won't get through the whole list in one sitting but bookmark some of these social media blog posts to come back to at a later date as the information and sheer amount of time that people have spent putting these blog posts together is just incredible. Here are our 50 best blog posts of 2010 so far...

Fanning The Social Media Flame For Viral Exposure

If you’re ever faced with making something go ‘viral’ then you’ll know the challenge that’s up ahead. In this post, Lisa Barone looks at what steps you need to follow to help your content go viral online, including the inital spark of content itself, to maintaining - and growing- the momentum. Some excellent tips in there, with solid advice for content creators.

Social Commerce: A First Look at the Numbers

Social commerce is big right now, and in this post from Eventbrite, we find out just how big it is. The case study looks at the average value of a share online, in how it translates into ticket sales. The findings are invaluable for marketers, as they look at the user journey in a social commerce transaction. A brilliant read for any company or marketer that is interested in monetising social media efforts.

Buzz Kill

Leo Laporte uncovered something in this post that none of us really like to think about when it comes to our use of social media -is it all just a waste of time? Following his accidental discovery that his Google Buzz feed wasn’t showing up in public anymore, Leo examines how he failed to notice, and the implications for his entire social media use. It’s a must-read particularly for bloggers, but for anyone that produces some sort of content online.

The Socialization of Business:

Brian Solis examines the power of online conversations and the implications for business when nothing is secret anymore. He provides fascinating insight into how social media is managed and particularly how customer relationships are managed through social channels. Solis provides useful diagrams to show the patterns of the social consumer and conversation cloud.

Replies And Retweets On Twitter

Sysomos analyse over a billion tweets to see how they generated a reaction, and how long it took for a retweet to occur. The findings how the average lifespan of a tweet and how long it takes for a retweet to occur. It shows the speed of Twitter and just how quickly content is deemed to be worthy of a retweet or not. A good read for individual and business use of Twitter.

Is the eBook, the end of the library?

In this post Dan Thornton looks at the effect that the ebook could have on the traditional business of libraries. It shows us the potential for continual evolution of communication and content consumption to have a real effect on everyday life. Rather than declaring that libraries (and other traditional institutions) are dead, he looks at how they need to adapt to keep up with the modern consumer

The Million Follower Twitter Falacy

There’s always a debate going on around the numbers game online and this article proves that numbers really don’t matter. Through analysing over 54 million active Twitter accounts, they look at the difference between popularity and influence - and the results might surprise you. Case studies like this are invaluable for stats heads but are also incredibly important in how we understand the function of social media.

New Twitter CEO

As much as you can read the speculation and analysis of an important decision at a social business, there’s nothing like hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. This blog post comes direct from Twitter, at the appointment of their new CEO. Written from Ev himself, it provides a brilliant insight into why he took the decision to step down and you realise just how progressive they are as a company.

Will The New York Times meter kill traffic from social media?

A look at the effect the New York Times’ paywall will have on its traffic figures. With incredibly useful traffic figures, it provides good reading material around paid-for content and the future of newspapers online. The article looks at the traffic the NY Times receives from social networks and how much this has grown.

22 Social Media Marketing Management Tools

An invaluable list for every marketer, with an excellent resource of socialmedia tools. The post includes tools on social media monitoring, aggregation and distribution. Well worth a read and there’s a few on there that will probably be new to a lot of people. There’s a good mixure of free and paid tools, suitable for different sized businesses or individuals.

3 Ways Twitter Analysis Can Enhance Your Marketing

Some great advice on Twitter for marketing or business purposes in here, that helps to ensure you’re getting the most out of your efforts. The tips offered show the level of planning that’s sometimes needed for marketing on Twitter, to get the optimum benefit for your business. A must-read for businesses on Twitter.

Are You A Pirate?

A great read anyway, but particularly good for entrepreneurs that focus online. Michael Arrington looks at the risks we are willing to take, using the pirate analogy. If you’re an entrepreneur or involved in a start-up there’s a lot in this post that you’ll recognise and will also inspire you. An excellent insight into business from Arrington that puts into plain English the life of an entrepreneur.

The Complete Business Guide To Facebook Deals

The paint is still drying on Facebook Deals and marketers are getting their head around the real business benefits and how it can be uses. This 101 guide looks at Facebook Deals in action, how you can create a deal and why you would want to. This is an incredibly succinct and easy to follow guide, that should be rolled out for every new feature Facebook introduce.

Great interview: candid, disruptive Mark Zuckerberg

When you get 2 social media heavyweights like this together - you want to pay attention. Following Facebook’s recent event, Robert Scoble probes into questions such as how useful is Facebook Places. Zuckerberg is a lot more open in his responses than in previous interviews and I really recommend you listen to the full interview for some great insight into the inner-workings on Facebook and the outlook on possible competitors.

3 Reasons Why CEOs Hate Social Media

A very down to earth post that examines some of the most common reasons why CEOs might not embrace social media. These are very real concerns encountered by CEOs and upper management every single day, and if you work at a company that hasn’t yet experimented with social media, it’s worth reading this to find out what might be stopping your CEO from stepping in. Every marketer should also be aware of this and read this post every day.

How I Gained 3,323 Subscribers in 3 Months

Whether you maintain a personal or a business blog, this post is invaluable. It sets out 6 very clear and achievable steps to follow in order to grow your blog traffic and constantly use the stats available to you, in order to grow. This is one of the best posts on the subject as it’s not just giving you the easy wins or pretending that growing your traffic is going to be easy - but it’s sensible advice that should be followed.

A Collection of Social Network Stats for 2010

There’s nothing better than a collection of social media stats and this is a pretty comprehensive collection. The format is easy to skim and skip to what’s relevant to you - no graphs, no pretty pictures, just the stats that we want, across the most popular social networks. The post also provides sources where you can find your own stats, and as it’s constantly updated, be sure to bookmarke this.

Matrix: Risks and Rewards of Social Business

A short post from Jeremiah Owyang packed full of good sense. He looks at the risks and rewards of choosing to participate, or not participate in social media. This applies to businesses and it’s worth reading if you haven’t decided whether to engage with social media, or if you’re questioning if your effort is worth the reward.

The Future of Ad Agencies and Social Media

An excellent analysis into the advertising industry and the changes they’re making to keep up to date with the constantly changing social media landscape and technologies. The author looks at the change in advertising media and new technologies such as location marketing. For anyone in the marketing or advertising industry, this post provides interesting inisght, by looking at the change in traditional marketing and its relevance today.

Is Mainstream Social Media Pushing Tumblr to a Tipping Point?

An interesting report into Tumblr, which is rarely written about in social media or marketing blogs but is a hugely popular content publishing tool. The post looks at the organisations using Tumblr and there may be a few surprises in there. Tumblr certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and there’s some very interesting use cases in here.

Is check-in over?

A short post that gets right to the point of location and its full potential. Pat provides an interesting angle as an advocate of location, his analysis is balanced and looks more to the future of this industry, than proclaiming the death of location services.

Social media sucks up 23% of time online

A brilliant post with interesting stats into our use of social media and just how much time we’re spending conversing and sharing content online. It shows the phenomenal growth curve that social media is currently experiencing, and is a good read if you’re considering whether social media is really for you or your business.

How Much Is a Facebook Fan Really Worth?

A question that’s often asked by businesses - can you really put a business value on a Facebook fan - and if so - what is it. This post looks at the possible value of a fan, backed up by concrete stats and analysis. It provides a useful benchmark for businesses that have a Facebook presence, to look at what value their own fans might be providing for them, in purely monetary terms.

Gaming the System: How Marketers Rig the Social Media Machine

A look at how marketers might be gaming social media, in order to gain currency and influence. The post examines the practice of buying followers on Twitter and the real impact of this. This post will certainly incite debate as it looks at some of the lesser-discussed practices of social media, in the race for numbers and popularity.

New Digg CEO, take note: How social media companies respond to irate users

Digg is certainly having a bit of a tough time lately and this post looks at the particular challenges its facing and how others in its position have responded. It shows the importance of always listening to your users and what they’re looking for. The article is a really interesting look at the business end of the social media industry with accurate insight.

How We Got To 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 Days

One of the biggest goals that people have when setting up a Facebook fan page is to increase their likes (previously fans) but with attracting likes getting harder this post has some great insights on how the owner of this page attracted over 40,000 in a matter of days.

New NYC Burger Restaurant Goes All In with Social Media

This post provides an excellent case study into the use of social media, from a fast food company. The lessons are applicable to all types of business though, and particularly looks at the new role of your customers and their potential to market your business. It shows the potential of technology to transform your business - as they use iPads to change their traditional ordering system.

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources

An incredibly comprehensive list of the various social media policies employed by companies. If you’re an organisation running a social media marketing strategy you can’t afford not to read this. These are the companies that have chosen to make publish their own social media policies, which should provide invaluable templates for other organisations.

Rethinking the Value of Social Media: Measurement

A more advanced look at social media measurement. This isn’t about providing you with the tools to help you, but best practice around how you approach the elusive practice of measuring social media. Rather than looking at quantity, it looks at the value of your social media efforts and the difference between driving conversions and transactions.

20 Social Media Resources for Nonprofits

There’s some inspiring case studies for nonprofits using social media and this article provides the top 20 resources for nonprofits using social media, to get the most out of their activity. This is focused on arming these organisations with the knowledge they need, recommending the top blogs and resources that can aide their social media efforts.

7 Steps to Building A B2B Social Media Lead Generation Pipeline

The area of b2b social media isn’t written about as much as b2c and this post provides some useful tips into shaping your b2b social media strategy and optimising it for lead generation. Coming from one of the best sites in this area, this looks at your content strategy as well as properly understanding your analytics to get the most out of your marketing activity.

21 Tips for Using Twitter and Facebook for Business

Brian Solis is a very influential figure in social media and regularly provides a wealth of content into the evolution of social media and communciations. This post is a no-nonsense guide into how Facebook and Twitter can be used for business, with straight forward tips and best practice.

It’s Not About Influence, It’s About Trust

This is an excellent read into the important of influence and trust and how to distinguish between the 2. Many organisations and individuals look at how to attain influence or reach the influencers, but trust isn’t talked about quite as much. Here, Jason Falls provides a fresh and insightful perspective.

Revisiting 10 Golden Rules of Social Media

A great list of what to do and what not to do in your social media activity. This updated post condenses a list of 10 into a simple list of 5. This should be printed out and pinned up in every marketing agency - whether you deal in offline or online - these rules apply.

What Social Media Ad Types Work Best?

Social media and advertising are moving closer and closer together - with new advertising techniques featuring on any good social media promotion plan. This post gives us some useful stats into the effectiveness of social media advertising, through a short and simple report.

I spread your idea because...

Seth Godin never has to write a lengthyy post to get across his always valid and thought-provoking arguments and this is no exception. Here he provides 20 succinct examples of why he would spread an idea and these apply to people that produce content that they want to see grow online. Though some may seem obvious, this doesn’t detract from their relevance.

Why Social Media Is a Better Investment than SEO

There’s continued debate about the importance of social media or SEO - whether the 2 are doing the same job, should operate alongside each other or not. This post in firmly in the social media camp and goes to show why it’s important to invest in this over SEO. The author doesn’t ignore the importance of Google however he looks at how SEO is changing.

Getting ahead and getting hired in social media and digital PR

A useful presentation from Stephen Waddington of Speed Communications, that looks at the area of personal reputation. Though this looks specifically at how you can get hired in social media, this is a good collection of case studies and examples that is applicable across different sectors

Altimeter Report: Social Marketing Analytics

Our third post from Jermiah Owyang but it absolutely deserves itt place on here. Following a report from Altimeter, Owyang demystifies social media analytics and looks at measuring the ROI of social media with real solutions and KPIs that can be adopted by different businesses.

Senior marketing execs see their companies moving to social media in 2010

This post shows excerpts from a report into how senior marketing executives view and use social media. We see the uptake of social media in organisations with some good stats to back up the findings.

Social Media: What a Difference a Year Makes

The first social media revolution video was a huge hit online and this second take looks at what’s changed over the year. It’s encouraging that such a useful resource like this is being updated and is a new tool for marketers to use that contributes to the growth of social media for businesses.

Social ideas not social media

A short but though-provoking post from Robin Wilson. Robin examines the need to stop looking at social media as just one marketing activity, but how it contributes to a full marketing strategy. With some good case studies on who’s doing it right, this is a thoughtful approach to social media marketing.

Tracking the National Mood Through Twitter

A new representation of the use of Twitter that shows how the wealth of information about us out there can be used in different ways. This is the result of an experiment to determine how happy or sad Americans were at different times of the day. It shows what’s possible when data gets into the hands of right people who can find new and innovative ways to examine human behaviour.

5 Ways to Improve Your Local Search Marketing Strategy

With social networks like Facebook and search engine giant Google starting to put more emphasis on local listings and search for small businesses this is an invaluable guide to how businesses should be approaching local search strategy. An invaluable free resource.

10 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Measuring Social Media Analytics

With so much noise out there from the various social networks and a whole host of services it can be hard to keep up with what is being said about you and your brand. Luckily this blog looks at some of the best social media monitoring tools that you can use. A really great resource that is well worth bookmarking.

If Twitter Was 100 People

In a year of infographics this one is wonderfully simple and shows just how few people use Twitter on a regular basis and how much of the noise is made by about 5% of “loudmouths”. Some good simple information here that explains just how people use Twitter

How to Tell a Journalist from a Blogger

If there is one subject that is sure to get everybody that spends online in to a commenting frenzy then it is the age old debate about what the difference is between a blogger and a journalist. This post has some great insights in to the different perspectives and features as you would expect a lively debate in the comments.

True Transparency

Transparency is one of the things that most of us preach when having the many online interactions that we have on a daily basis through social media but the author here asks if we all practice what we preach. This post will really get you thinking about social media and who you interact through it.

10 Mind Blowing Facebook Games Statistics

A great array of statistics into the growth of Facebook games looking at the amount of people that play them, how much time is spent, but also different areas such as the propensity to purchase items within the game. A nicely presented graphic with easy to digest stats.

U.K. Online Video Views up 37 Percent in a Year

Online video is currently experiencing a very positive growth curve and this post provides some useful stats into the consumption of video. Published earlier this year it looks at the trends in February 2010 and February 2009 and shows just how steeply online video is growing.

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