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Twitter Traffic Declines In October

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Twitter traffic and the brand in general has been riding the crest of a wave for the last couple of years but the latest figures for traffic in October show a decline in traffic to the site itself (these stats do not take into account 3rd party apps or use through mobile devices). Twitter, the darling of world media is for the first time seeing some negative publicity wih high profile users like Miley Cyrus and Stephen Fry claiming to have quit the service and now today traffic numbers being announced that are less than stellar.

Traffic had been stagnant for the last couple of months with most growth coming from outside the USA but it is the first time that traffic has actually fallen and it must raise some serious concerns over the recent $1 billion valuation that Twitter raised funding at.

The good news is that there seems to have been a spike around Twitter launching their new lists feature in the last week but the bigger question is will Twitter continue to grow as it has done or has it reached it's height and should the owners have cashed in around the time that Oprah joined and all the media frenzy was at it's highest?

All of this data is captured by third parties and may not be 100% accurate but on a site with the sort of volume that twitter has you have to think they give a good indication of where things are at. Check out the graphs and let us know what you think yourself? A blip or a bigger problem?


Twitter Traffic Decline


[caption id="attachment_4232" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="Twitter stops growing October 2009"]Twitter stops growing October 2009


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