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How Much Traffic Does TechCrunch Send You?

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One thing that bugs me is that when people build cool apps or launch web based services their marketing plan doesn't really extend past trying everything in their powers to get on Techcrunch. It is the world's biggest tech blog with nearly 4 million RSS subscribers alone but we wanted to take a look and see how that translated in pure traffic terms after we got featured on the there on Wednesday. Just remember that this is just from the 24 hours the article was featured on the site and there is still plenty of traffic coming even today...


As you can see the traffic numbers are fairly small. I say they are small yet the article was popular by Techcrunch standards with over 400 Re tweets yet as you can see the referral traffic is not massive. It's clear that the majority of people read the site through RSS and very few click through to the actual source of the story. I must say this is how I read Techcrunch too, I rarely look at sites they cover instead scanning the site for latest news.

Traffic from Techcrunch

Geographic Spread

Google Map Techcrunch

Techcrunch Traffic

Referring Sites

The site was getting traffic from lots of different places that day and you can see from the following chart just how important Twitter is in the overall picture and where Techcrunch slots in the bigger picture...

Techcrunch Picture

RSS Readers

This is probably the most important measurement of the day as people signing up to RSS are people who liked what they saw and want to hang around for the future. As you can see from the graph below we added a significant amount of RSS readers on day itself, about 70 in total

RSS from Techcrunch

Facebook Interaction

Just like RSS Facebook is another great call to action and we moved the Facebook box on the right hand of our site up so as we could capture fans (about 30 on the day) and increase interactions with our page.

Facebook page Techcrunch Traffic


You should try and get covered on Techcrunch. It is very good for traffic but as you can see the numbers are not as big as some might think. The key is catching some of the traffic through RSS or Facebook so as they keep coming back to your site in the future. Companies should try and get coverage in Techcrunch and similar sites as part of their marketing plan and not as their entire marketing plan, you will quickly be forgotten.

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