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The Ten Best Tumblr Blogs To Follow

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If you spot a funny/interesting/thought-provoking photo online, it's likely that it either came from a Tumblr blog, or there will be a separate Tumblr dedicated entirely to that subject. It's the weekend, you probably want to spend less time reading and more time just looking at cool stuff, so without further ado.

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Things

Yep, an entire blog dedicated to random objects that fit perfectly into other random objects. If you're not convinced, look at this blog for about five seconds, and you'll wonder how you doubted the idea.

Tumblr things fitting other thingsThings fitting perfectly into other things


Screenshots of some of the funniest and inane updates, likes and more.

Facebook Tumblr

Facebook's Worst

Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures Of Food

We all do it, but little did you know there's a whole blog dedicated to pictures of people while they're taking pictures of their food.

pictures of hipsters taking pictures food

Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food

Most Awkward Poses

A collection of some of the most awkward poses found in photography around the world, many coming from fashion photography.

Awkward poses Tumblr

Awkward Poses

Inside Candy

Cutting candy in half to look inside it, of course.

Inside Candy Tumblr food blog


Animals Talking In All Caps

Pictures of animals with their thoughts brought to life in all caps. Amazing!

Animals talking in all caps

Animals talking in all caps

Dads on Holiday

Dads forgetting they're dads and getting up to all sorts of fun on holiday, like all dads do.

Dads on Vacation Tumblr

Dads on Vacation

Text from Dog

Probably one of the best Tumblrs of all time, texts between a dog and his master.Text from Dog Tumblr

Text from Dog

I'm Remembering

A great nostalgic Tumblr of all the best things from your childhood and years gone by.

I'm Remembering Tumblr

I'm Remembering

F@%kYeah Dessert

A Tumblr dedicated to that most beautiful of all the food groups: Dessert

Fuck Yeah Dessert

Fuck Yeah Dessert

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