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The Future Of Technology: What You Can Expect In The Next 50 Years

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Technology is growing at such an exponential rate, it can be difficult to visualise what the next five years will look like, let alone fifty. We wanted to see just how the future is going to shape up for us. So we compiled all the best predictions for digital technology, mobile, social media, and big data over the next fifty years into a timeline so you can see exactly what's in store.

The timeline covers expected growth in key markets including spend on digital and mobile, as well as big data so we can start to see exactly where this emerging industry will head. Data for the timeline has been gathered from a wide range of sources, in specialist areas to give as wide a view as possible of what's coming up.

Particular highlights include the prediction that by 2045, human beings will become 'functionally immortal', allowing us to essentially live on through computers by downloading our digital DNA. And if you're feeling lonely, you will be able to buy yourself a digital companion in 2049 as robots are predicted to be commonplace in the home, providing care and companionship for those who need it.


RIM devices shipped
2013 social media ad spend 
2014 Facebook users
Social network ad revenue
2015 online ad spend
iPhone market share
Social commerce market
Mobile spending Hybrid apps
Wearable computing market 
Facebook Shares
UK social commerce market
Social advertising spend
1.5 million Android devices
Big data market
Wearable computing shipments
Computer processing power
Holographic Avatars
Entire world will be online
Credit cards obsolete
Household internet connected devices
Virtual Reality 130 million books 
World covered by CCTV
Self-driving cars mainstream
Computers to have same power as the human brain
Computers thinking like humans
Social Networks
Supersonic jets and flights
Log on directly from your brain
Driverless cars will be mainstream 
Machines have greater than human intelligence
Humans become functionally immortal
Robots are common in the home
Robots playing football
Nanobots perform medical procedures
Traditional news organisations no longer exist
Nonfabricators become mainstream
Brain chips help us absorb data

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