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Exclusive: Wimbledon To Launch Twitter's "Magic Mirror"

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This year, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships is upping the ante by featuring Twitter's 'Magic Mirror' at the tournament. This will give fans exclusive access to live photos from within, powered by the Mirror. Tweets will be posted through Wimbledon's official Twitter account, accompanied by the hashtags #TwitterMirror and #Wimbledon.

The Mirror first launched at the Oscars this year where celebrities could automatically tweet photos through the official Oscars Twitter account, simply by posing in front of the mirror. The Indian Premier League (IPL) then followed suit by featuring the Mirror throughout the entire tournament.

Twitter Magic Mirror IPL photo

The application travelled with teams across the country, giving fans exclusive snapshots of players through the @IPL account.

Now tennis fans can look forward to the same during the first few days of Wimbledon, which runs from June 24th to July 7th. The Mirror will be placed where only players can access it, assuring the best photos will make their way through, and give fans an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Alexandra Willis, who manages Wimbledon's digital and social platforms, spoke about the campaign:

"We're delighted to be working closely with Twitter and bringing the Twitter Mirror to Wimbledon. We hope the players will enjoy using it and giving an insight into their life at Wimbledon for their fans and ours." 

No other tennis tournaments have featured the Mirror so far, though it is expected to make an appearance at the French Open, which starts this weekend and runs to June 9th. It's fantastic to see such close relationships emerging between Twitter and live sports events, where the content from these events is beautifully combined with the speed and reach of Twitter.

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