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Twitter may have just lost all credibility

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Despite being such a useful service, there's lots of things that Twitter seem to get wrong such as search, ads, working with developers. Now they're caught up in a bit of a scandal around how they run verified accounts on the site. When Verified Accounts were first launched, it seemed like a great way to get a bit of validity out of all the fake accounts going around - a unique problem that arose for them when celebrity use of Twitter exploded.

Quite simply, it meant that Twitter had official confirmation that the account was being run by who it claimed to be. It should only have to be as simple as that. But quite how verified accounts worked was always a bit of a mystery, and now Digital Trends has uncovered what seems to be a new policy from Twitter that sees accounts being verified according to ad spend.

When they lost their verified status, DT enquired why this had happened with Twitter and how they could get it back. Among the replies from Twitter they received the following:

If the situation is at it seems from the reply from Twitter, what the hell are they doing? Their service lives and breathes on its validity. It kind of has to, given how it's emerged as an important platform for breaking news and public discussion of often politically sensitive issues. If they start turning verified accounts over to ad spend in any way then they risk damaging the overall credibility of their site, possibly irreversibly. Twitter continues to make the wrong decisions when it comes to advertising on the site, but this is the first time we've seen them run an ad policy to the extent that it actually impacts the service itself, to the detriment of the user.

There is a very big difference between being verified, and being able to afford to be verified...

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