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Huge News For Facebook Page Admins - Page Manager App Is Now Live [Complete Guide]

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Managing Facebook pages from mobile devices has been a tricky challenge for page admins, but thankfully Facebook has just started testing an app that will make their lives easier. It's called Facebook Pages Manager and it is available in the app store now for some countries and is rolling out to everyone in the next few days.

This is an interesting move as it seems to be part of a wider strategy by Facebook to launch individual apps for specific features on the site instead of trying to pack all their features and services into one main app. This new app allows you to log in as your actual page rather than trying to access it through your own personal app, which had caused major confusion for users in the past. This was especially true for those in the unfortunate position to be managing several Facebook pages.

Even simple activities like posting photos on the go from a mobile app was a tricky experience. It is great to see Facebook giving their most important customers a tool that will allow them to manage their pages more effectively and we can only imagine that there might be advertising products to come with this in the future. Here is your complete guide to the new app.

Use The App As Your Page Only

When you log in now, instead of having to flick between your personal profile, you can actually log in and use the app as if you were the business page only. This will increase interaction and allow you to have a better overview of your business page presence.

Filter Options

One of the biggest problems in the past has been logging in as a personal user, but you can now log in as the page itself and filter the options as you need them.

New Likes

If you want to find out who has liked your page and what their profiles look like then this option is now front and center, letting you see them in real-time as they come in.

Overview Of Insights

One of the big issues with the old experience was that it was very hard to see what sort of interaction your page was getting when viewing from a mobile device. This has been solved by this simple screen.

Advanced Analytics

Although the insights don't drill down as much as they do on the desktop version of the site, they do offer you a much better look at your Facebook page and how it's working for you.

Activity Actions

With the old app, it was impossible to see what was actually happening on your Facebook page, but you can now see every single interaction via a dedicated notification page.

A Great Move

This is a brilliant and unexpected move from Facebook. What has become clear is that there is only so much that they can pack into the main app and to see them thinking about their users like this is a great sign. What will be interesting to see is how many more apps Facebook will continue to roll out around their most important products like messenger and pages. There seems to be a clear strategy emerging here around mobile and for the most part it is very smart. Go have a play with it and see what you think. We love it!

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