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Here's why Pinterest is winning this week

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Many were proclaiming trouble for Pinterest when the site started to show a drop in users. Well, it has been quite a week for them which shows the insanity of making long term predictions about the end of the site at the first sign of a dip. It was inevitable that a dip would occur at some point given their staggering growth and market penetration. If you were starting to doubt Pinterest, check out everything that's come out of their HQ in the past few days.

Going Pinternational

What better way to combat accusations of a slowdown than with rapid expansion? Pinterest has today announced their plans for translation into German, Spanish, Portugese and Japanese, with further plans to add another ten languages. This is a great indicator of Pinterest's growth worldwide, with this obviously intending to make the most of initial interest in markets overseas. And if you're interested in applying for a translation job with Pinterest, you can do so through their blog here.

iOS integration

Snapguide released an update to their app, which allows people to create their own guides. The update sees Pinterest embedded within the app to allow users to pin their guides directly to Pinterest accounts. It's a big deal for Pinterest because it shows the future possibilities of their API and it shows other services seriously considering the platform, embedding it within an existing platform.

Flickr integration

Earlier in the week, we brought you the news that Pinterest had launched an official pin it button through Flickr, allowing image owners to gain correct attribution within the site. This was quite a major concern for photographers in the platform and it shows Pinterest are serious about the community and adapting the service as they go to offer the best service possible.


This week saw the 16th annual Webby awards and it was no surprise to see Pinterest up there where they should be, winning an award on the first year of their nomination. They won the official webby award for best social media website, showing just how quickly they've grown and how impressive the platform really is.

Most expensive domain

Okay, so this has absolutely nothing to do with Pinterest themselves, but an indication of their growth nonetheless. Following the most expensive domain name to ever be bought - '' -  the owners intend to turn it into an adult Pinterest, to make the most of the fact that it's seen as a typically female platform. The idea is that users will be able to 'pin' erotic images into messageboards and recreate the Pinterest experience. Quite how Pinterest feel about this? I'll guess we'll have to wait and see how long the features are up for on the site.

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