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Facebook Pushes Mobile Development With Easy App Center Installs

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Apple and Android may have the most populated and popular app stores at the moment, but Facebook still plans to leverage its  500 million mobile users and create an app ecosystem that will give its competitors a run for its money. Mobile may be regarded as the site's major weakness, but with the launch of its own App Center and an individual app strategy appearing to take shape, Facebook aims to change that and get more users hooked on its mobile experience.

Claiming that seven of the top 10 grossing iOS apps and five of the top 10 Android apps are integrated with Facebook, Facebook has announced improvements for the App Center that will make it easier to place their apps on the site and for users to install them via smartphone or desktop.

While the former is pretty straightforward, the latter allows you to install the app and send it to your smartphone. Selecting that option will send you a notification to your smartphone, where you will then be redirected to the mobile web app or the respective install page in the Apple App Store or Google Play. All mobile apps with Facebook login are eligible to be listed in the App Center.

The fact that Facebook is a web app and isn't bound to a particular operating system means that its apps are available to the widest possible audience. This, alongside the positive development of apps on the site in general, is bound to encourage more developers to create apps for the site and capitalise on that popularity by adding in the option to log in via Facebook.

"Facebook sends over 160 million people to mobile apps each month through news feed and timeline.' writes Brent Goldman on the Facebook Developers blog. "Soon, with the App Center, it will be easier than ever to drive mobile app installs and reach the over 500 million people on mobile devices."

Also, the mobile site recently had a visual update which makes small design changes to the app. Photos are now re-sized so that they take up the entire screen and individual entries on your news feed are given borders that ensure the app looks sharper.

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