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Essential stats for Facebook & Mobile

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As Facebook increasingly make a play for the mobile market, it's important to understand the current marketplace and whether brands need to offer a Facebook mobile experience (hint - you do). Below is a list of just some of the essential stats for Facebook mobile..

Mobile Users: over 500 million

According to Facebook's own statistics - which you can expect it to be pretty accurate - as of April 2012, there were over 500 million monthly active users of Facebook mobile products. With a total reach of 901 million monthly active users on Facebook, their mobile reach is significant and emerging as the dominant method to access the site. In March 2012, this was at 488 million.

Mobile ad growth: $17.6 bn

Facebook has only just started experimenting with ads on the mobile platform, and this is expected to take off rapidly for the site. Their mobile ad revenue is expected to grow from $1.5bn in 2010 to $17.6bn by 2015. Expect to see a massive overhaul of the mobile ad product during this time as Facebook need to advance the mobile ad platform beyond the basic ads they're currently implementing.

Popularity: #3

As of February 2012, the Facebook mobile app ranked number 3 on the iPhone app store, and number 4 on the Android store.

Time spent: 441 minutes

A pretty staggering stat here, showing the average time spent accessing Facebook via mobile. This was at 441 minutes on average per month, in the U.S. This compares to an average of 391 minutes for accessing via computer. This is encouraging for brands who might think that mobile visitors tend to be more distracted. The figures show that a mobile audience is an engaged and frequent audience.

Posting updates: 33%

Unfortunately this stat is a year old, but a useful indicator nonetheless. As of May 2011, 33 per cent of posts on Facebook were found to be made via mobile. The finding comes via research carried out by Dan Zarrella, who analysed 700,000 public Facebook posts.

App traffic: 60 million

Looking at the impact mobile Facebook traffic has on mobile apps, James Pearce of Facebook released the finding that the new Facebook mobile app sends an average of 60 million users per month to mobile apps and games, as of February 2012.

Unique U.S. visitors: 78 million

Specifically in the US, there are 78 million unique users who access Facebook via a mobile, compared to 158.9 million who access it via a computer.

Major acquisitions: two

If you needed an indication of Facebook's dedication to improving their mobile offering and overhauling the current social experience on mobile, look no further than who they're buying. In the past month, they've made two major acquisitions in the mobile space. First was the acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion, which sort of speaks for itself. Second to that is their acquisition of Glancee, a mobile app which allows users to discover people nearby with similar interests. This looks like more a talent acquisition, and it has seriously beefed up Facebook's mobile team in the process.

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