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25 Unmissable Social Media Articles To Read This Weekend - 6th May

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Every week, we have a look at some of the biggest social media stories that are out there, sift through the thousands of articles on offer and bring you 25 stories that you simply have to read.

These are never breaking news stories but rather some of the deepest thinkers and smartest minds from the world of technology and social media, offering their thoughts and views regarding the biggest stories of the week.

You won't make it through them all in one sitting but it'll bring you up to speed with this week's happenings. So just sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy.

- Why traffic from social outposts is an overrated metric.

- The secret to Facebook's success.

- Why developer success on iOS is nothing more than a lottery.

- Why Google is making a huge mistake shoehorning G+ into all its products.

- Klout is evil, but it can be saved.

- From social TV to better TV: Will the 'second screen' deliver for networks, brands and users?

- Don't underestimate the power of (social) collaboration. It's not a given.

- Considering a start-up? Think again.

- How a brand with only has 14,500 fans has the highest engagement rate on Facebook.

- The 20x difference between Facebook and Twitter.

- Here's why Google and Facebook might completely disappear in the next five years.

- Why it won't be an easy fight for Facebook when it comes to search.

- Is the OMGPOP acquisition beginning to haunt Zygna?

- You might not be a journalist, but you play one on Twitter.

- The inventor of the web browser says there's no tech bubble (and the smartphone is still underhyped).

- Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo on the business, IPOs, and advertising.

- Why in a digital world, agency recruiters have to be more social.

- The pitfalls faced on the road to IPO riches.

- Meet the 26 year old VC who cashed in on Instagram.

- Why businesses should toss out the current advertising model and move towards something more personalised.

- Why Facebook's IPO power play reveals it's really a media company.

- Can content curation really help your marketing?

- The path from a social brand to a social business.

- Why mobile is the new 99 per cent.

- Million Short: A search engine for the very long tail.

If you're traveling through the subway, chances are you wouldn't expect the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra to take hold a flash mob concert.

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