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Australian Man Dies In Facebook "Planking" Stunt

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Planking is a craze that has been sweeping Australia in recent weeks and it's ending in the worst possible circumstances today with a young man falling off a balcony and dying while trying to carry out a "plank". People on this side of the world will recognize the trend as "Facedown" which was a huge hit towards the end of last year with all sorts of weird and wonderful photos popping up on Facebook. The man died in Brisbane when he was attempting a plank on top of a balcony. The young man was in his early 20s and there is a Facebook page

(some irony there) that has been set up to remember him. It's a bit of negative publicity for Facebook (the photos did appear in other places but it was essentially a Facebook fad) because even though this has nothing to with them their name is going to get mentioned all over the world in headlines over the coming days.

What Is Planking?

The craze has been around for the last year but seems to only have taken off in Australia in the last couple of weeks. The news report below shows some of the most extreme "planks" and the funny nature of the meme with everybody from rugby players, dogs and celebrities getting involved.

A Sad End

In a bid to outdo each other people seem to have been trying bigger and more risky planks and that has ended in the worst possible circumstances today with the death of this young man. Police are not releasing too much information but they did say that he died while falling off a balcony while being photographed by a friend. You would imagine that the craze will come to a swift end in Australia at least as all the fun has quickly gone from the craze and it wouldn't be very respectful to keep it going. There will as always be calls to regulate social networks to cut down on crazes like this but that is wide of the mark as this is just human nature and people do lots of other crazy things that come to a sad end every single day of the week and we never hear about those. It's a sad day for sure and a sad end to the planking/Facedown memes.

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