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7 Videos Showing Innovative Uses Of QR Codes In Marketing

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QR codes may or may not be here to stay but there is no doubt that they are starting to pop up more and more in marketing campaigns and as a functional link between the online and offline worlds. It's surprising how quick QR codes have been embraced and even though you need a smart phone to read them there is evidence that the consumer is getting more familiar with them and embracing the technology. With brands and businesses seeking to engage with consumers who are walking around with smartphones making purchasing decisions I wanted to pick some of the best uses of QR codes in marketing campaigns. Lauren wrote about QR codes in general a while back

but here is my list of 7 superbly innovative QR code campaigns...

Hyundai Advert

This video has been seriously quickened up but you can see just how much time and effort they went to to create this QR code made out of lots of little bricks with the end result being something that you would of course scan.

Tissot Hot Models

Well if you are having trouble getting people to scan your QR codes what better way to get the code noticed than by sticking it on a good looking model! The technique seems to have worked for Swiss watch maker Tissot who used it at the Moto GP.

We're a Favorite Place on Google

Even the world's biggest search engine and technology leader Google is getting in on the act aiming to drive people from the real world to their customers places. It's smart marketing by Google because it helps them and their customers.

AXA makes tv ad you can step into

Axa have been quick to embrace technology and the online world in general especially for the banking sector and this TV advert actually allowed you to scan a QR code and step in to the advert yourself and engage with the advert in a whole new way.

Volkswagen: Print Ad Test Drive

Volkswagen have had a couple of great campaigns in this space and this QR code in a print magazine brought the whole advert to life and allowed you to experience what it was like being in the car.

KLM Queen's Day Viral

The Dutch airline have embraced social media in a big way and this little video shows how they allowed fans to check in to their flight in Holland recently by scanning a code on the floor.

Lupe Fiasco's LASERS invades Union Square

The music industry is a cut throat business where launching an album is a big deal so when Lupe Fiasco wanted to create some buzz around his latest album it was broadcast on to a huge wall where users could download it for free for a limited time.

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