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You Don't Have to 'Google' It: Some Lesser Spotted Search Engines

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With Google's new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service now in effect, the media coverage of the changes rages on, which prompted us to ponder on the fact that there are other search engines out there, even if Google is pretty much the king, with 'Google' having becoming a commonly used verb- "I'll Google it”. Of course there's Yahoo!, Bing, Firefox, but a little bit of research has revealed many lesser known search engines.  Here's some of the most interesting ones, which are designed for specific purposes, such as increased privacy, safer searching, videos, maths and music.

Search Engines for Kids

With many parents obviously concerned about what children could encounter while browsing, and have monitoring measures in place, there are a number of search engines designed specifically to return family friendly results. One of these is DiDabDoo,  which describes itself as a "smarter safer way to search the web”. Some of the bigger search engines also have special kid friendly search engines, such as AskKids  and AOL's


Combined Search Engine results

If you'd like to see a aggregated list of results of the major search engines, but only have to conduct one search, Dogpile may be worth a try. It compiles results from the bigger search engines including Bing, Yahoo! and Google, and then presents you with the a list of results that it deems most relevant.


Knowledge Searches

One of the best known tools for third level students is of course Google Scholar, but Wolfram Alphra offers a knowledge centred result, not web pages: it is "computational knowledge engine”. For example, typing "What is the square root of 21?” yields a result of a decimal approximation, a number line and a continued fraction, which could be a useful tool for kids (or adults for that matter) stuck on a maths problem.


Video Searches

While Youtube may be most people's first stop when looking for video, Blinkx  is a video search engine that has over 35 million hours of searchable video. It uses a number of different factors to find what you're looking for, not just using a keyword - "Blinkx uses a unique combination of patented conceptual search, speech recognition and video analysis software to efficiently, automatically and accurately find and qualify online video.”


Health Searches

Google have already recognised that people use the web to look up various ailments, but there is in fact a dedicated health search engine called Healthline. Founded in 1999 as, Healthline Networks has has served over 1 billion health pages and its search platform presents results from a number of sources, including its own HealthWeb, which is "a filtered set of more than 200,000 consumer health public web sites”.


Blog Searches

If you've ever wanted to filter out mainstream media and know just what the blogosphere makes of a certain issue, you can search Technorati  for individual blogs or posts related to a keyword. A handy tool if you're looking to find blogs to get in touch with who write on issues relating to your own industry.


Less Filtered Results

If you'd prefer search results that aren't personalized, Duck Duck Go  is a search engine that claims to offer pretty much the opposite of what Google search is doing at the moment, as it "breaks you out of your Filter Bubble by default' and does not collect or share personal information.


Music From Films Searches

And finally, a search engine that will solve a common but not so serious problem: the name of a song from that film you saw last night! TuneFind lets you search for a song featured in TV shows and films that you want to find out more about. So you can type in the TV show and browse the names of the songs featured in various episodes, until something rings a bell.


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