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World's Shortest Video Advert Ever Is Brilliant Piece Of Marketing

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A new advert is raising awareness of people who suffer from OCD and they are doing it in a very unique way by creating the world's shortest advert.

The ad, which comes in at just one second, is so fast that you can't actually read what it says, but that is the whole point of the campaign as they wanted to draw attention to the symptoms of OCD. What also happened is that people had to play the video multiple times to be able to read the message and it has nearly 100,000 views already as a result.

The campaign is also getting picked up across blogs and websites all over the world which extends the reach and profile of the campaign. Apart from being a brilliant idea, the production costs for the ad would have been tiny and it shows that brands don't need to spend huge amounts of money to get their videos high profile coverage if the creative is good enough.

The Advert

The advert is over as soon as you've pushed play, but it also means that people have to click it over and over again to try and see what the actual message is. It's annoying at the time, but it also shows off the unique nature of the symptoms people with OCD suffer from.

The Case Study

The video case study shows how people have engaged with the advert all over the world and shows how little it cost to make. It has been picked up by numerous blogs and websites and shows that you don't have to have a super slick high budget production to get your point across online.

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