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The insane rise of the Pinterest copycats...

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Pinterest is cool. We all know that. But some websites are taking their appreciation of Pinterest a little too far and launching what amounts to essentially a copycat service, extending the classic (I think it qualifies as classic?) Pinterest layout to give their service a little extra boost. And of course a little extra PR. Over the past few days this seems to have hit a pretty insane level however with a slew of headlines on how 'xyz' has launched to the 'the Pinterest of xyz'. Here's a look at what's come out in the past few days.

The Pinterest of dating

TheComplete.Me is aiming to be the Pinterest of the dating world. Set up by former executives at, the site uses the concept of pinning objects to create more social profiles for users. The layout is distinctly Pinterest, as are the mechanics of the site

Aside from being a clear rip-off of Pinterest, I'm not sure this site is really that well executed. You're required to connect with Facebook, with the app requesting an endless list of permissions through your profile. People generally like to keep the fact that they're on a dating site to themselves and it seems the hook of being the Pinterest of dating has got ahead of the usefulness of the site.

The Pinterest of Travel

From dating to travel. The travel site Wanderfly rolled out an update this week, which again sees emphasis on Pinterest. They aim to personalise travel planning, incorporating recommendations and comments from friends. When you connect with Facebook or Google, you're prompted to enter at least three interests, which will then return a list of recommendations, in the style of...a Pinterest board:

The Pinterest of city guides

Gtrot is using the Pinterest concept to offer social city guides, where the user can connect via Facebook to return personalised results. It's a pretty nice site. You simply search for any city and see a board of local bars, restaurants and more. Gtrot is not new, but the relaunch sees them incorporating the Pinterest style a lot more, though they themselves are not referring to the site as 'the Pinterest of...'

The Pinterest of Facebook Photos

Just yesterday we covered Friendsheet, which is getting a huge amount of hype since Mark Zuckerberg liked it on Facebook. Although it's a pretty cool way of viewing photos, the Pinterest theme is clear...

The Pinterest of Instagram photos

Pingram is a new photo site that makes the most of the bes things from both Pinterest and Instagram, including their names. Reacting quickly off the Pinterest trend, the site was put together in just seven hours over the weekend. It doesn't make use of Instagram or Pinterest logins, but allows the user to follow people and display their photos in a board style.

The Pinterest of e-commerce

Fancy is aiming to take the best parts of Pinterest and monetise them by integrating ecommerce within the site. Users build up scrap books of products they love, with the ability to purchase products directly for merchants that use the site. It's a nice concept, but I'm not sure it's different enough to Pinterest to attract the users they need. Plus with Pinterest's gift section operating through tagging pins with prices, they can easily work closely with merchants to make transactions possible within Pinterest:

Pinterest for men

Judging by the amount of women's fashion pins whenever you log onto the site, it seems that Pinterest is amassing a huge female audience, with men lagging behind slightly. But fear not, as there is a Pinterest for men. MANteresting (no attempt to hide their rip of Pinterest there) is a pretty funny spoof site, sporting the tagline 'Interesting. Man. Things'. They've managed to get a fair amount of coverage for the site, though how it will perform after the initial buzz remains to be seen. A cheeky idea nonetheless.

Here's to originality :)

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