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Tag Challenge Wants You to Track Down 'Suspects' Using Social Media

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Ever fancied being a social media investigator for a day? An international group of graduate students have created a challenge sponsored by the US State Department and the US Embassy in Prague, to track down a 'suspect' using social media.

It sounds like something from a crime novel, but it's called 'Tag Challenge' and is a not for profit, independent event taking place on the March 31st, the goal of which is to "determine whether and how social media can be used to accomplish a realistic, time-sensitive, international law enforcement goal.”

The 'suspects' will be in five different locations: Washington DC, New York City, London, Stockholm and Bratislava, and their 'mugshots' will be posted to the website on the day of the contest, each wearing a unique event t-shirt, and those taking part will have to find and take a photo of the 'suspect'.

Then you must upload the photo and have it verified to see if it is indeed the suspect. The first person or team to submit all five suspect photos correctly wins $5,000, so it looks like you'd need to assemble an international team located in each city to be in with a chance of winning.

It should be pointed out that these aren't real criminals at all, they have fictional backstories, and the "results, strategies, and any data derived from the event will be made public after its conclusion”. It's an usual contest and it seems like a pretty impossible task, but maybe someone will crack it!

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