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Now is an exciting time for us. Actually way beyond exciting…totally awesome! We're delighted, thrilled, over the moon, and ecstatic to announce that we have just been acquired by UTV Media.

UTV is one of the most successful media companies in the UK & Ireland. We couldn't have wished for a better owner than UTV. They are a strong household brand who are also steadily growing their new media offering, something we are looking forward to being a part of. We also have it on strict authority that they are going to continue to let Niall wear bad hats in videos and Lauren to bake social media-themed cakes for the office.

It has been a pretty insane few years in Simply Zesty - something which many of you have witnessed along the way. Since starting the company from a spare bedroom in 2009 (though we somehow managed to never let this on at the time), we have grown to over 22 staff, run international social media and video campaigns, and grown an impressive client base including Volkswagen Group,, Teradata and Sony.

In 2010, we also made the best decision for the company when we took on Ken Fitzpatrick as CEO and help turn Simply Zesty into the respected business it is today. It turned out, shockingly, that Niall and I were great at social media but not so great at projections, spreadsheets, and dressing smart in meetings where it was required.

We are incredibly excited about what the acquisition will bring for us. We see this as a huge opportunity to continue to aggressively grow the business with UTV's backing. As for our clients and readers, it will pretty much be business as usual. We will continue to trade as Simply Zesty in our current office, with all the added benefits of being under the UTV umbrella.

As for the editorial policy on our blog, this will remain completely neutral, as it currently is. We will continue to write about competitors and clients' competitors in an unbiased nature, and with full disclaimers when writing about a company we are associated with, which will now include UTV and its subsidiaries in radio, television and new media.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past few years. Since arriving as newcomers to the Irish market (Lauren even now says 'grand' on a regular basis), we have received an immense amount of help and support from clients, friends, contacts and our readers. We owe a lot of thanks to people that have supported us over the past few years. You know who you are, and we will be getting in touch!

We are of course, nothing without the team of people in the agency and blog. We are incredibly lucky to have a team that is as behind the company as we are, work tirelessly and often through night on projects and continually inspire us.

Here's to more of the same. And then some. And then some more :)

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