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Scammers arrive to Pinterest

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Unfortunately, given its meteoric rise, it wasn't going to be long until Pinterest fell pray to scams.  A clever scam campaign has just emerged on the site, which urges users to repin an image in order to redeem gifts.  One scam featured a Starbucks logo, which people were required to click on in order to claim a free gift card. The second scam was for luxury fashion label Coach. In this case, users were asked to repin the image first, in order to claim their gift. This is particularly sneaky, using a native function within the site to make the campaign appear more legitimate.

The scam campaign was picked up by the security blog Trend Labs, who have captured screenshots to warn users from clicking on the images :

For those of us that use the site regularly, these images stand out a mile from the genuine pins you see, but given the site's huge rise in popularity there are likely to be plenty of newcomers that will get caught out by the scam. The requirement to repin is particularly dangerous, potentially allowing the ad to spread quickly through to other boards, which leads through to a scam survey site.

Have you spotted any scam campaigns on Pinterest? Share them in the links here and I can update the post to name and shame!


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