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Let Them Eat Cake! Bus Stops Give Away Free Treats

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We've seen a number of interactive campaigns centred around creating something unexpected from an everyday object over the last few months, such as the 24 hour cupcake dispensing ATM in Los Angeles and the Coca-Cola refill dispenser that actually gives internet access instead of Coke in Brazil.

This campaign involves adding interactive features to a bus stop, something we've seen before with the bus stop campaign a few weeks back that only women could see, and a bus stop is a clever spot to use as it's a boring, everyday part of people's lives. However, this campaign has one major advantage to make it stand out - cake!

Mr Kipling, the British cake maker, has set up 19 pink 'Cake To Go' dispensers built-in to bus stops in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield, which will be giving away 500 free cakes everyday until Sunday 1st April. The video shows huge queues for them at one bus stop, which isn't surprising when you're giving away free cake!

You simply have to press the illuminated button on the bus stop and a piece of cake is dispensed. A simple but clever idea that would be sure to brighten up the day of anyone getting bored waiting for their bus! Just watching the video has left me feeling pretty peckish!

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