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Google Analytics Adds Site Speed Reports To Measure Page Performance

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After only introducing social media reports to its service a few days ago, Google Analytics has now rolled out a new speed test that allows you to see just how fast your site is performing. The update also allows web designers to see exactly where a website can improve its loading speed.

The new Site Speed overview, which can be found under the option 'Content', allows you to see the important metrics for measuring your site's page loading speeds. The average page load time by browser, Country/Territory and page can be found here, and you can compare your site's average performance over time to forecast trends and view past performances.

The closest thing to a site speed report on older Analytics versions, 'Page Timings', can now be found underneath the 'Overview' report. Here, you can view your site's load times in three different ways: the performance tab shows you how the load times break down by speed ranges, the explorer tab shows average load times across dimensions like page titles etc., and map overlay shows you the breakdown across different countries.

According to Google Analytics team member Mustafa M. Tikir, smaller sites (defined as those with less than 10,000 visits per day) can now increase the site speed sample rate up to 100 per cent for full samples for page loading times. So if you've just designed a site and you want to further optimise it  before it's unveiled, you get a full insight into what works and what doesn't.

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