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Flipboard Expands Its Global Guides & Brings Content Stories to iPad

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Popular social magazine app Flipboard has just updated its apps to include a number of features that make reading moreĀ intuitive and handier for users. Announcing it on their blog, the first update is that cover photos, a popular feature on the iPhone version, have been brought over to iPad. The feature shares some of the day's highlights from friends' links as well as articles, photos and updates deemed to be the most interesting.

Also in conjunction with that, the app now brings national content that's relevant to the UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The inclusion of France is unique as the update also allows the app to be read in French. While Flipboard released a French Content Guide back in December, the app will now allow French users to use the app itself in their own language.

While Cover Stories was designed to appeal to mobile users who were pressed for time, their inclusion on the iPad is strange as the length of time tablet users dedicate to the app is a lot longer than those using smartphones. The feature covers the first two fixed locations on Flipboard's page one, with a third page dedicated to placing the user's favourite feed. Also, importantly Cover Stories can be removed by users.

The design changes give the app a style closer to a magazine, through some tweaks to the design such as a different photo layout and typography.

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