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Facebook Reveals Sponsored Stories Layout on Desktop & Mobile

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It's no surprise just how much Facebook are pushing its new advertising features, the company will hope that it generates a significant amount of revenue long after the IPO becomes a reality. And to add to their Marketing Classroom, the company has also revealed a demo tool which shows brands and businesses just how exactly their ads will be presented on screen.

The major feature that stands out is the amount of space that will be dedicated towards this new advertising format. Judging by the examples Facebook gives in its app and assuming that there will be other information placed beside it on the right-hand side like friends' photos, a significant amount of space will be reserved for these adverts.

While premium ads are effectively located on the right hand side, Sponsored Stories will now appear on the top of your news feed as expected. For the fans of a particular page, the story will also appear as a story on the right hand side along with notifications which show which of your friends like the page in question.

Perhaps the biggest thing this product offers is showing how exactly sponsored stories and ads will look on mobile formats. Somewhat similar to how Sponsored Stories are presented on desktop platforms, mobile stories will be integrated into the news feed itself, but will appear further down the feed in a bid to make them as unobtrusive as possible.

That said, there will also be a significant amount of space dedicated to each story so that it will catch the user's eye. The information there will give brands and businesses food for thought as they decide what the best method of advertising is on the site.

Speaking of adverts and previews, Google has introduced a status insights icon for its adwords feature. In their Inside AdWords blog, Inside AdWords crew member, Katie Miller writes that the feature is "particularly valuable if you're advertising products or services that are restricted by [Google's] advertising policy to show only in specific countries, or with certain keywords."

Using it is simply a matter of entering in the keyword you want and selecting the locations that you want your ads to appear. The feature will be made available to AdWord users later this week.

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